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Posted Jan 10 2010 9:48pm
Not much new here to say. I had a great run Saturday morning with my RunnersWorld training group Faster than Oprah. On a day that it was supposed to have 15 below zero wind chills, it was not all that bad.

In Oklahoma, they pretty much shut the city down when a snow comes, but this past week, they set a new standard by closing schools and broadcasting disaster instructions because is was gonna be cold. Seriously, the forecast was for single digit temps with possible lows dipping to near zero. Schools were closed Thursday and Friday. The roads were fine. Oh, there was some leftover ice in the neighborhoods, but school had been in session for 3 days and the patches of ice in the residential areas was not a problem. I am guessing that since teenagers think it uncool to wear a coat and hat, it would be dangerous for them to walk from the car to their classroom when it's 4 degrees. Several businesses around town closed up shop. But I still had to work! I am wondering if they might shut down the city in March due to the serious pothole problem.

My camera had a glitch on Saturday. I had taken several pictures of the downtown Tulsa area, some of which were straight-up shots of the taller buildings. I thought they would be good even artsy shots, but when I uploaded them, only a few came across. I automatically erase all the pics when I transfer, and lost 20 or so of my pics. Only 6 were saved.
PSO, across the river. For some reason, I find some beauty in this chaotic industrial plant. Today, it was in full cloud-making mode.
Ice in the hat. The ice in the mustache did not show up, but it was there. The weather man is my buddy....he promises highs in the 40s and 50s this week!!!
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