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Toes, polish, bikes & weeds

Posted Aug 03 2008 12:00am
Hey Guys! It's been a busy few weeks. Thanks to all of you who dropped some ideas about nutrition. I finally figured out a plan that worked really well today on my 3 hour ride. I'm doing a combo of Nuun (LOVE THE STUFF!) and Carbo-Pro with gels. My coach suggested two scoops of the Carbo-Pro per water container mixed with Nuun and bring lots of gels, bars, fig newtons, gummy bears, etc. on the bike. Basically, anything for calories in case you can't tolerate gels anymore. I'm planning then to pick up powerade or whatever they have on the course and dump it in my cool podium quest bottle I have. For those who are wondering, I never knew this (apparently I should have after all these years huh?) but you are supposed to consume 250-300 calories PER HOUR. WOAH. That is A LOT! Can you tell I never paid attention to this stuff before....yikes. But, today I tried it out on the bike. I did some huge hills today. I wanted to push myself a little. I biked up the dreaded huge and long, rolling hill on Highway 41 in Chaska if anyone knows that one. Whew. Made it all the way without any problems ability wise but dropped a chain due to some bad shifting on my part. I also trekked down the Minnesota Valley Trail. Very, very awesome. Almost like I had the entire trail to myself so I was flying most of that trail at a 19.3 clip which is fast for me. I also biked to Waconia from Chaska and back home and then to Victoria and back home. My legs were tired at first but felt good after a while. Nutritionally, I felt awesome. I was a little hungry near the end but I was almost home and didn't want to push another gel (already had one). I just feel much better getting the nutrition plan ready.
In other is an updated photo of the toe. She looks like a bald man without her nail. Isn't it ugly right now? I thought about trying to paint a comb-over on her but decided against it. The other nails are painted as you can see but they remind me too much of pepto and are already chipping off so it's time to redo them.

I'm thinking red but I'm worried that will only make the big toe look like an angry bald man just because he is surrounded in red which, supposedly is a mad color. Such a dillema.

Lastly, I have created a new phobia (I have a new one it seems each week). I am now scared of weeds in the water. How dumb is that? I don't know why but I think it has something to do with the fact that fish really like weeds and I have no nail on one toe and if I paint the others red...does that look like fishfood!? Ahhh!

Congrats to all who made the trek to Steelhead and did great in the tri that became a Du.
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