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Today's Long Run a Wash, Things I Have Been Working On and a Favor From You

Posted Jul 23 2011 12:00am
Well the 16 mile long run scheduled for today was a wash. I started the trainign run and about 3 miles in it started to rain and then thunder. Storms started rolling through the area and I was forced to seek shelter. After a half hour things were not improving and I called my wife to come and get me. If the thunder and lightening was not happening I would have continued, So I guess I'll try it again tomorrow.

Some quick updates for you on some things I have in the works. And also a favor to ask of you the reader at the end as well.
  • I am pleased to announce that I will be working with the Fox Cities Festival of Races. I will be writing some blogs around the festival of races and of course my experiences leading up to and through the marathon. I am excited to be a part of their social media campaign and I believe the blog will now be linked from their site as well. So look for some special blogs around the upcoming races in the near future.
  • I have been speaking with a number of companies to get ahold of their products for review. In most cases they are very open to sending some product to me for review. I have three of the Dummies Guides coming to review for us. The books cover the introduction to running, barefoot running and oh my I forgot the third one. I’ll think of it later. But I do have an insole company talking to me about doing a review and then supporting us in a contest or giveaway! So Maybe in the next month or so another contest will be up where you can win some insoles.
  • I am very excited to be working with the author and publisher of the Chi Running books and running method. The book and DVD are on their way to me and I am trying to work out attending a day long training class with the author in Chicago as well. I think it is a fascinating approach to running and cannot wait to learn more about it. I’m sure there will be a number of blogs on this in the coming weeks as well as maybe a special tab on the site for it.
  • So now the favor… As I speak with these companies about items to review and or be provided to us for contests they all have the same questions. They want to know how many followers I have, visitors to the site, blog views per day, week or month. I understand they want to find and use the best channels they can to promote their product. Being a fairly new blog our history is good but it certainly does not match up to more established or company based ones. So I ask as a favor to please become a follower if you have not already. If you like and enjoy the blog tell your friends and family about the site, link it to your blog or site if you have one. Anything you can do to help me better establish the site the more fun things I will be able to do and post about or even give away in contests. I am pleased to say in the short time the blog has been up that we have had approximately 750 visitors from 33 countries. I see a lot of return readers to the blog but only have 12 followers formally. So again anything you can do to help get the word out would be appreciated. We do have a pretty good following on Twitter but for some reason the Facebook page just doesn’t get a lot of people to it and or friend it. I am close to pulling the plug yet again on the Facebook page.
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