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To taper or not to taper, that is the question

Posted Feb 26 2010 8:09am
It has been almost two weeks since I ran my last 1/2 marathon and I have a second one scheduled for March 7, basically a week away. For a race of this distance, I would normally begin my taper tomorrow by cutting back my long run. I'm going to do that, but here's the thing: this 1/2 is on a paved trail running from Baltimore to Annapolis. With all the snow that we've had here, I'm skeptical that the trail is going to be clear enough for them to hold the race.

I did email the race director about this and she informed me that the trail was due to be plowed this week. Hmmmm, do I believe that? I just don't know. This race has been canceled in the past for less snow that what we have out there now.

In the end, I suppose, tapering next week can't hurt me. But...I missed several days of training last week because I was sick. If you add that all up, I feel like that's a lot of missed training if the race doesn't go off. I wish I was one of those people who could just train through it and let the results fall where they may. But no, I'm one of those wackos who cares deeply about my results, down to the seconds even. So, I guess I know that I'll taper, but I'll be kicking myself if the race gets canceled!

What would you do? Do you usually give yourself a good taper or can you train through your races and have successful results?
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