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Tips for Running and Juggling in the Heat

Posted Oct 08 2011 5:44am

Well, it looks like tomorrow’s marathon is going to be on the warm side. This seems pretty standard for the Chicago marathon these days.

But at least it’s not going to be 90+ F and at risk of being cancelled.

My friend John Kelly refuses to run if the temperatures get over 75F.  I can understand his position.  Personally, I don’t mind running in the heat.  Sure, I don’t run as fast, but it brings out a bigger crowd so the cheers are much louder.

So if you happen to be joggling a marathon in hotter, more humid conditions, here are some things that I find helpful.

1. Realize you will be slower. When the temperature gets over 80F, it’s not likely that you’ll set a new PR. Just accept it in the beginning and try your best.

2. Wear light colored and loose fitting clothing. Cotton shirts are out! This is the weather that running shirts are made for. Cotton just gets too heavy.

3. Drink often. When it’s hot out, you’re obviously going to be more thirsty. So, drink more! If you’re one of those runners who drinks on a schedule, ditch that idea. You should ditch that idea anyway. Drink when you’re thirsty and maybe even a little more frequently.

4. Wear a hat or visor. These things can help keep you cool and stop you from squinting. Sunglasses are good to wear too but a hat will help keep you cooler.

5. Prepare for chaffing. Nothing causes chaffing like water and when you’re hot, you’ll get wet when you sweat. Use extra Vaseline or Body Glide on the spots that are most likely to chaff.

If you’re running tomorrow, good luck!! And if you see me at the Chicago marathon, say “HI”. Incidentally, I’ll be the guy juggling 3 balls. The guy in back juggling 5 balls is Barry Goldmeier.


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