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Time for a Catch Up

Posted Apr 03 2012 12:51pm
Having realised it's been nearly 3 weeks since my last post I thought I should do a bit of a catch up. Lots has been going on so for ease of reading and because I'm lazy this will be a picture heavy post!

During my 2 weeks off Zac and I met up with my friend John and we headed down to the beach. It was quite an overcast day but we didn't mind because it meant we had the whole beach to ourselves!

We played some fetch with Zac...

Took an "artistic" picture of some stones...

I got quite drunk!

And then I got a bit more drunk!

Then it was my birthday and RP and Zac decided to treat me and took me for a walk to the pub for a couple of glasses of wine and Zac thought he deserved a pint too! (Disclaimer: That's a joke, I don't actually let my dog drink!)

After our drinks we headed back through the woods...

 It was such a beautiful evening and I managed to test my "artistic" photography skills again.

Hardly the most exciting news but I bought a new lamp for the living room.

I got a new haircut. Fringetastic!

We spent a morning at RP's Mum & Dad's house helping to clean up after their ceiling fell down!

When the sun decided to make an appearance last week we decided it was time to spruce up the garden so RP got cracking with the pressure washer and attacked the patio.

For the last day of my time off the sun was shining so we all headed out for the day over to the woods for a nice long walk.

RP was looking good in his shades...

And I looked pretty good in mine too.....

And of course we ended up in the beer garden at the pub!!

So there you have it. That's pretty much what has been going on around here. I was back to the gym last night and I managed a 20 min run on the treadmill with no knee pain so things are looking up on that front.

As far as running goes I do feel like I'm back at square one but that is ok. Recently I've come to realise that I was putting so much pressure on myself to achieve goals and feeling guilty if I didn't get everything perfect so I would then push harder and realistically this is probably why I ended up injured. When I started running it was fun, I would take my camera and look out for funny or interesting things which I could come home and tell RP about. I miss that kind of running, and I want to get back to it. I want to get away from the "I must do 8 miles today, I must do 10 minute miles, I must enter this race, I must run under this time". So with that in mind I have decided not to enter any more races for the foreseeable future. I am already entered into Race for Life, which is a 5K and I will run this in May but I will be running it dressed up in pink for fun and not for any training or personal best goals. I'm going to start going back to a few of the classes I used to do at the gym and I am going to stop beating myself up for doing something other than running.

I would still love to run a marathon, and I will but I'm no longer putting a time constraint on myself. If I run it before I'm 30 then brilliant but if I don't do it until I'm 50 then that's also brilliant. My training regime now consists of going for a run when I feel like it and running until I don't want to anymore. The only rule I am setting myself is that I will exercise 3 times a week, but that can be running, gym, swimming, exercise classes or even doing an exercise DVD at home. So even though this blog will remain Tegan Running it will start cover all my fitness, health and lifestyle endeavours (and probably have a lot more doggy posts!).

So I hope you stick around even though things might be changing slightly, the support and friendships that I've made through running and blogging have been brilliant and I would love to continue that. So thanks to everyone that has been touch with words of encouragement, tips for strengthening exercises and just general friendship. And a big special thanks to my family, friends and especially RP who have all put up with my whinging and moaning about running over the last month or so. You guys are the best!
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