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Thursday Night Adventure Run {Road Runner Sports}

Posted Oct 15 2012 10:36pm

Every once in a while a person needs to get away from the mundane, aggravating routine of their life. Usually in an attempt to stay sane. On Thursday night I did just that – I ran from my responsibilities and had a little fun.

But first I drove up to Westminster. You see, after a few attempts at trail running Heather and I finally found a time that we could both run…together. We had heard amazing things about the Road Runner Sports monthly Adventure Run so when Thursday night happened to be an empty night on both of our calendars we scrambled for permanent markers and completely skipped the “pencil it in” stage of planning.

The Adventure Run is a concoction of a group run, a race, a scavenger hunt and a raffle. Yup, all of that. Together. On one night, at one place. Oh, and the entire thing is free….plus it ends with tons of awesome prizes! Turns out it was totally worth the drive north!

They required all runners wore reflective gear or had headlamps since it has started getting dark at 6pm around here! Just to be safe I went with both. I have a pretty green headlamp that doesn’t get used nearly enough and plenty of neon clothing! Plus, I’ve been missing out on a lot of my Boulder Running Company runs so I felt compelled to represent!


We met up at about 5pm to check in and get our bearings. Our first stop was the Westminster Road Runner Sports store. We got our names check off the list and headed around back to take in the expo area. Each vendor we spoke with gave use raffle tickets…and so the hording began!

At first I was confused but it turns out the entire goal of the group run is to collect as many raffle tickets as possible then wear your lucky socks in hopes of winning something. Let’s just say Heather’s lucky socks work better than mine…or maybe it’s the lucky Reebok tshirt?!

IMAG1831 IMAG1832

At exactly 6pm they revealed a map of the area with check points. People got all excited and started scribbling down notes. Heather and I casually took a few photos then wandered around the corner of the store while trying to figure out where to go first.

We nearly walked past the first check point! A few of the check points were really close by – great for the families with kids – while others were a few miles off with more along the way.


Turns out we are both a bit directionally challenged. Heather lived in the area and knew the main roads. I, on the other hand, knew little more than the fact I’d aimlessly run the Panerathon in the neighborhood, twice. But I still couldn’t get out of the parking lot without getting confused. Please, let me navigate your next road trip. It’ll be…scenic!

We ended up hitting about 5 of the 8 check points. Now that I’m looking at the map we should have probably thought about it a bit more before taking off…we literally ran thru the Springhill Suites parking lot on the way back without even thinking to stop in for raffle tickets!

The run wasn’t timed or anything fancy, we just needed to get back to the store before 7pm in order to turn our raffle tickets in for a whole slew of prizes. Thanks to a random short cut through a disk golf course we made it right on time! I got my tickets all lined up and put my head lamp to good use…


…but I still didn’t win anything! Instead I passed all my good luck juices over to Heather who won about three times! At least she was kind enough to use some of her winnings to feed me at Bender’s Bar & Grill!

Heather wore her Garmin and we finished off the night with Blue Moon about 4.3 miles. For an hour of exploring, doing burpees {yes, the crossfit checklist made me do burpees!}, getting lost and dodging prairie dog holes I’d say it was a success. A grand success and completely worth the drive up!

Will I be back? You better believe it! And next time I’ll be wearing my lucky socks…and tshirt…and undies. I mean, they give away shoes! More than one pair. Who doesn’t want new shoes?!

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