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Thursday - 12/24/09

Posted Dec 25 2009 12:00am
Temp: 34 degrees
Humidity: 65%
Wind: 9 mph/NNW
Wind Chill: 26 degrees
Clear; Sun

God forbid I ever refer to my activity on the road as "jogging", but I have to admit that this constitutes what I was doing toward the end of this run. My goal was to get to the Newburgh/Beacon bridge and run to the halfway point, but the walk-way was closed, so where this route normally would have been 8 miles, the closing cut off about a mile in total. This was truly a long, slow distance run. It took until the 2 mile point until I was truly warmed up & my toes were the last to come around. I couldn't even feel my left foot until I got out onto 9D and the sun worked it's magic. My pace kept me instead of the other way around...I started out deliberately slow and through the distraction of the cold and being just plain tired, I slowed even more. Didn't feel strong on this one at all. 

I'm finishing this entry after having had a few glasses of wine whilst wrapping presents for the girls and am looking forward to their excitement tomorrow morning. Still haven't reconciled this damned holiday for myself, but we stick to the conventions since it's what we know...

Family, warmth & togetherness, a celebration & feast before we dive deep into the harshness of winter, the solstice - shortest day of the year...I guess all of this matters. The gift giving is a celebration of the bounty of the previous year and a reminder of unselfish act of passing on wealth to those who may have less... 

Time to write a note from Santa to the girls. 

Merry Christmas...

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