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Thriller in Schiller 5K!

Posted Oct 30 2012 9:21am

OK I’m really excited to tell you guys about the Thriller in Schiller 5K that happened on Sunday. People, this race was honestly the funnest race I have ever run.  I keep day-dreaming about it…

I should probably get this out of the way first and let you know that for some reason unknown to us, we did NOT win the costume contest.

I mean I don’t get it… our CONEHEADS costumes were spot on…the clear winners no?

Anyway- back to to the review- this race was SO fun.  I have never run a trail race before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Honestly, I thought there would be a path through the forest we would be running on but as always I was wrong.  This was straight up running through the woods- Blair Witch style with no path, branches in your face and mud everywhere. It was awesome.

I felt like I was running a big obstacle course- with a conehead on. (We even got to ford a river like in Oregon Trail!)   The five of us ran the entirety of the 5K together and had a blast tripping and laughing at our costumes. They never got old- 1 mile in = laughing, 2 miles in = still cracking up, 3 miles in= impressed by how durable our costumes were. Believe it or not, we ran the entire 3.1 miles in these costumes, conehead and all.

Other than the course and running in costume with my friends, my favorite part of the race was how laid back it was.  The race director did an awesome job of making it feel like a big ole party.  I wish it had been warmer so we could have stayed for the post-race beers but we were all freezing at that point so all we could think about was taking off our duct tapped costume and getting in a heated car.

For a $25.00 race (free for Linds and I thanks to Muddy Monk!) the shirt and beer glass were pretty sweet:

Overall,  Muddy Monk  did an awesome job and I had so much fun I’m actually EXCITED to run  their 5K on December 1 .  And you know that tells you how much I liked this race if I’m looking forward to running outside in DECEMBER.  I hate cold weather running but it was too much fun not to…


Sorta related-does the picture below not look like we are at Katie’s wedding as her bridesmaids?

I really wish she got married and those were are bridesmaids ‘dresses”…..hint hint. Don’t you also love how I’m 534590 feet taller then all my friends?  Speaking of being freakishly tall, checkout this gem:

Tell me that’s not the best race photo you’ve ever seen.  Really though, how is it possible for me to look so gangly in every single picture ever? This one is super gangly though, even for me.

So if you’re toying with signing up for the Schiller Chiller 5K or 10K, just do it already, trust me on this one. I mean I’m doing it too…and I know you want run with this face right?

Don’t answer that.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

Tell me about your favorite race!

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