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Three Things Thursday

Posted Feb 20 2014 6:00am
1.  I was a total wimp yesterday.  It wasn't that cold out (37 degrees) but the crazy winds got me. I  did an elliptical workout instead of battling the wind and muddy roads.  Lame I know, but Season 2 of House of Cards did get released recently and did I mention the wind?  I could hardly open the door to let the dog out.

2.  I ordered some of Zuzka's new DVDs I was only really going to get her kettle bell set since it is geared for beginner kettle bells and I feel like I have so much I could learn from mine, but then I decided to try the yoga and threw in the ZCUT since it was on sale.  It should take me awhile to get through all of this!
I think my favorite DVD from her is the 6 pack abs one.  I never get tired of it and get a great workout every time.  My biggest gripe with Zuzka is that she seems to spend a lot of time doing leg work and not very much on arms, but her arms are very ripped so I feel like she is doing something besides her workouts to get them so buff. 

3. UGH I feel like I keep gaining just a little bit more and a little bit more weight.  Kind of frustrating but is retrospect my eating has not been very good lately.  I just want to eat comfort foods and am so tired of winter.  Not a great excuse I know but it's what I got.  I think a huge help would be to just cut out eating so much sugar.  But wow I love that stuff.  Why does it have to be so good?

What is your workout obsession right now?  Mine is yoga and kettlebells.
What's your food obsession?  Sugar

Winner of the Gone for a Run Giveaway is posted.. it's Kathy M.  She has been notified and now has 48 hours to get me her info!
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