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Three Things Thursday ...

Posted May 02 2013 5:14pm
Creepy - J and Doodle are currently on vacation at Sea World celebrating her sixth birthday . It's a tradition we have that when you turn six, you get to go away for the weekend with Dad to any place you would like. Dizzle went to Disney. Doodle picked Sea World. I mean, if it were me, I'd pick something like Rome. Or Paris. Or London. But, apparently my children don't really grasp the whole "anywhere you want part" and they choose places they would have probably gone to anyway.

Back to my point, since they've been gone, J has been sending me random photos of their adventures. About an hour ago, he sent me this one. It's pretty much straight out of a horror film.

Creepy, right? Oddly enough, I think it's equally creepy and beautiful. Like I am scared she might kill me in my sleep, yet I can't look away ...

Health Drama - For about 19 months, I have had a whole slew of symptoms that have kept me from functioning at 100%. Basically, I look like I have a classic case of hypothyroidism, yet all of my blood work has been and continues to be within the normal ranges. When I stopped eating gluten, the intensity of several of these symptoms died down, but they never fully went away.

Recently, my symptoms have been getting worse and in the last eight weeks I have gained 10 pounds. I don't care who you are, gaining 10 pounds in eight weeks isn't normal or OK. Especially, when you eat pretty well, track and measure all of your food and train 10+ hours a week. Because of this, I went back to the doctor to try to get some answers and was yet again hit with a brick wall.

My doctor agrees that something is going on. She swore up and down that it had to be my thyroid. But after another round of blood work, I'm still in the same place. I am as healthy as healthy can be and all of my hormone levels are within normal ranges.

Someone shoot me now.

Now I'm being sent to an endocrinologist to see if she can shed any light on my situation. I'm frustrated and I'm over it and if I can't get some answers and figure out what's going on, I might go insane (and be 20 pounds heaver for my 140.6 debut).

I can't possibly be the only person who has faced a situation like this. Anyone have any insight?

Summer Break - I know this is going to sound insane, but I am literally counting down the days until Summer break. I over the shuttling back and forth. I'm over the homework. I'm over making lunches. I'm over my children coming home with more doodles than graded papers. I'm over it. Done.

Or maybe I just want to be able to sleep in ...

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