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Three Things Thursday ...

Posted Apr 11 2013 9:25am
Training and Blogging - I've thought a lot about chronicling my training for Rev3 Cedar Point here. But every time I consider it, I walk away thinking, "I wouldn't want to read a recap of every single workout someone else does, so why would I want to do the same thing with my own?" Ultimately, I end up walking away from my computer and writing nothing. Honestly, things are pretty ho-hum around here. No drama. No excitement. No fails or big wins. I am just coasting along at this point. The training during this base period (which ends in one week) is very comparable to what I do year-round. Other than the fact that I am living in Z2 for all of my workouts, things are pretty much status quo.

Skewed Perception - Sometimes I wish I was a kid. Not because they are young and carefree, but rather because they've yet to have their views tainted by the world around them. Everything is fresh and new and honest to them.

For the past few months, I have been doing my best to eat a ton, well, at least enough to keep up with my training, which is growing increasingly harder as my volume builds. Anyway, despite all of the training and mostly clean eating I do, I can't drop a single pound I have gained over the last 18 months. In fact, I've gained more. I've stopped going on the scale, because I don't want to know what it says. I hate how my clothes fit, even though I'm still wearing pretty much all of the same clothes I always have. It's defeating.

I know the logical arguments. Trust me, I do. But, that doesn't make it easier to take in.

But, yesterday, I got a kick in the pants from Dizzle. She was home sick from school and we were talking about subjects that interest us. She said rocks and gems. I said nutrition and exercise. Then she turned to me and said, "I know you like those things Mommy. It's probably why you are so skinny."

Huh? It's not the first time she's said that to me recently. It's just the first time I actually heard her. She can see me better than I can. It kind of make me think again.

Hanging with Dizzle earlier this week ...

I started to notice the changes which probably contribute to at least some of my weight gain. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window and I noticed that not only are my quads monstrous balls of muscle, so are my calves. They are ginormous. And this morning, I sat on my bed putting on my socks and in the mirror I could see how muscular my biceps and forearms are. When I flex, it's kind of scary. But at the same time, it's kind of badass.

I know I should just stop fighting what my body wants to do. I need to get my head in line and realize all the strength my body has, even if I never have a six-pack. And I have a seven year old to thank for that.

Sisters - Apparently, yesterday was National Sibling Day. I missed the memo, so here's my belated virtual hug to my two sisters, who happen to be two of my best friends.

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