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Three Things Thursday: The Power of Target

Posted Jul 14 2011 3:48pm
Before you go any further, indulge me for a minute or two and head on over to Run, Jodi, Run, where I'm  the featured runner for Thumbs Up Thursday.   I feel totally cool and famous.  Thanks, Jodi, for making me a superstar for the day!

Three Things Thursday

On to the topic for today: Target.  Man, I love that store more than my husband.

Just kidding.  Kind of.  Actually, he'd probably say the same thing about me.  That's why we get along so well and have managed to  stay married for 3 years.  He loves Target as much as I do.

In my summers off, I often find myself with hours on hand and not much to do.  I could clean the windows or organize closets, but instead, Target whispers to me  much like Coldstone did the other night , and suddenly I'm pushing a red plastic cart, filling it with every unnecessary product in the world.

Never heard the Target Whisper?  It sounds a little like Kristen Wiig in this SNL skit .

Today was no different.  I walked in intending to buy some carpet cleaner and walked out 45 minutes later and $66 poorer.  The carpet cleaner was only $1.99.

Other crap I bought (in true Three Things style)
1. Cheese.  Glorious Cheese.

2. Sheets that are on sale this week.  

Where are the rest of you Target addicts hiding?  Fess up in the comments.  What sucks you in to the Big Red Box?
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