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Three Things Thursday, Doodle edition ...

Posted Jan 13 2011 9:33am
1. Doodle has a serious temper issue and a defensive nature. She is quick to overreact and it doesn't take much to set her off, which often leads to ear-piercing screams. It's rough. For example, when she loses a game, she usually throws the game pieces/board/etc. Just this past weekend, she threw the Yahtzee dice and yelled, "I hate this game." (yeah, she's a little competitive. Wonder where she picked that up ...) And it takes a lot to get her to cool off. In fact, when I tell her she needs to calm down, she usually YELLS back at me, "I AM CALM!"

Obviously, she is not. The kicker of the situation is that she looks like a cherub. Completely innocent and angelic.

See? She is the epitome of a devil in disguise.

2. Even though Doodle is quite photogenic, she has recently started making a "pirate" face whenever she sees a camera.

In theory, I don't mind this. And I am sure it will make for a funny story years from now. But, I am almost positive that her Uncle J isn't going to be a fan if she makes that face in all of his wedding photos this weekend.

3. Doodle says funny things all the time. Yesterday, we drove past a house that had an angel statue in the window (it actually looked like a person in costume). Within seconds of seeing it, Doodle asked, "Was that angel a dead person?" I laughed and wanted to tell her that is was. Instead, I asked her what she meant, to which she replied, "You know, did that person die and someone turn them into a statue?" Yes, Doodle. I'm sure that's the case ...
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