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Three Things Thursday - Capital Area Runners, National Marathon & Dash.

Posted Jan 06 2011 8:03pm
There are a few things that I've been wanting to share with everyone, and with this being Three Things Thursday, what better opportunity?

1. Capital Area Runners - As you already know, I run with a group of runners, located here in the DC metro area. While we are very focused on the marathon itself, many of us, myself included, are retired from the marathon. I try not to sell my group, as many runners have their own group and that is cool with me. Before CAR I ran solo for lack of finding the puzzle to my piece. For out of towners and people who live too far to understand where I'm going, I as
ask you to bear with me, as I explain the following:
  • CAR covers all levels of runners and are a very welcoming running group. We follow our coach 's training regimine, which is 3 focused runs a week (interval, tempo and long). We run these runs together, with numerous opportunities in the weekly calendar for our runners to meet. A morning and night session twice a week at the track (interval, tempo run) along with a long run on either weekend day of your choosing. (click here for calendar).
  • CAR 's weekly long runs are held on Saturday and Sunday's so that people can do whatever day works for them. The long runs are open to al l friends and family and do not require a CAR membershi p , but if you find yourself tagging along weekly, we would love for you to join under our annual membership , which will get you a CAR shirt. If you are local and train on your own, but hate doing your long runs by yourself, please feel free to come out and run with us.
  • As I said, before, our weekend long runs are OPEN, so if you find yourself traveling in the DC area and need to get your run in, please feel free to come out and run with us. We know how difficult and tedious long runs can be, especially by yourself, in a strange location. Plus, we'd love to meet you and talk about something beside's Amy and Liz 's butts.
  • While the intervals and tempos are part of CAR's paid training program, if you are in town and just need to hit the track for a short stay, please feel free to contact me or coach to come workout. We are a ridiculously friendly group and one of the reasons I love our group so much is that I got turned off by the overly, unfriendly competitiveness of some other running groups.
  • If you are local and have been looking We have an alliance with Road Runner Sports , located in Falls Church, and CAR members get 10% off (additional for VIP members). Coach George will be starting weekly Wednesday 6:30pm Fun Runs from the RRS covering 4-5 miles. They will be perfect for the new runner or someone looking for a recovery run and they will be sponsored by the store.
  • If you are local and are looking at getting into a training program for a spring marathon, half marathon or 10 miler, come out with us . We had over 40 Boston Qualifiers in our group in 2010, our numbers are growing, and as I've said before, our Coach is awesome. Feel free to come out for a few runs with us before you commit.
  • That concludes this Ad, now on to the next one.
  • 2. SunTrust National Marathon and Half Marathon - As Liz already announced , we and various other awesome bloggers and runners have been selected to be National Marathon Ambassadors! This means, if you are currently training for the Marathon or Half Marathon, you will soon be meeting one of us at one of your long runs. I am running the Half Marathon and as you have heard me brag a million times , I PR'd by 9+ minutes at last years Half. I hope to be SOLID at this years race as well! Here are a couple of things I wanted to share with you about National:
  • Running a Half Marathon is an awesome accomplishment, sometimes it gets overshadowed by the glory of the marathon. It holds a special place in my heart, mainly because it's the distance I first ran, which made me fall in love with running. It made me feel invincible being able to run 13.1 miles! If you have been wanting to get into running and run a distance race, but the marathon distance seems to loom too large, this could be the race for you. The National Cheer Stations are incredible and they will keep you going. Plus, you will get to meet me and fellow ambassadors, Liz , Dorothy and some other fantastic CAR and not CAR people (we actually don't run DC, it just seems that way sometimes)! The half is on track to sell out so don't miss out.
  • Half marathon still to scary? Well, here's a word for you: RELAY . The National Half Marathon Relay may be just your ticket. Grab 3 of your bestest or fastest runners in your office, running club, family or active military, come up with a cool name, like Miss Zippy 's Zippiest Zappsters or RUN EMZ in DC and sign up. Two friends run 5 miles and one friend runs 3.1. Only have one friend who's a runner? Convert them and have them run their first 3.1 race! With the relay you get:
    • Comraderie
    • The finest sights DC has to offer
    • Time to cheer your marathon friends who are just coming in after you finish
    • Running Cherry Blossom 10 miler the very next weekend? Grab two other CB10 runners and get a quick short race in before it comes.
    • A painfree walk back to your car and walkable legs that you can still sightsee with!
  • This concludes ad #2.
  • 3. Dash's Bites 2011 Calendar . A little late, but I made a photo calendar of Dash. I love my dog, so of course I think everyone wants Dash on their wall, but I was still surprised when half my office asked me to share it with them and ordered one for themselves. Forgive my over indulgence, but here is a link if you want one for yourself. These are the monthly pictures used, forgive my sloppy set up, it's NOT how the calendar will look, but those are the pictures being used.
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