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Three Things on a Fierce Thursday

Posted May 20 2010 6:23am
"I love it when a plan comes together." - Hannibal Smith, The A Team

It's been a little tough getting back to Shangri-La since vacation.  Last week, both my track sessions were pretty tough.  I decided to hook up with a few of my fellow pals and race The Mile at the track.  It's been about two years since I raced the mile, with my best time being 6:17.  It was when I first started training with Capital Area Runners and I was hopeful if I kept training, by the end of summer, I'd see under 6.  I never did.

Early this spring, as I played in Shangri-La , I thought if I raced a mile then, I might see under 6.  But, I never did, vacation came, Mai-Tai's along with it and now I'm back to reality.  Coach George told me I needed to go out and race the mile and just do it.

Three things happened:
1.  I went in just hoping to beat my PR of 6:17 - I PR'd with 6:12.  I hit the 800 at 3:10, so I was pleased that I was still able to push a little more the 2nd half.  Who cares that I was the last one to cross the finish line?
2.  Jessica got under 6, which is what she was aiming for, now she's got some new goals .
3.  This Tuesday, 2 days after the mile race, our interval session was mile repeats (I love me mile repeats).  I was smoking!  I felt great, it felt easy, comfortable and after 3, I felt I still had another in the tank.  Who knew that racing a mile was going to finally purge out the last remnants of Hawaii?

Now the goal is to get under 6 by the end of summer!  Let's see if I can do it!  Oh yeah, Coach George ran the mile too, he's back into his training mode, he ran 5:17.  He said he wants to get under 5 by summers end.  Who will get their goal first?  My money's on George , since he has the muscle memory of having run in the 4's and I've never seen the 5's!  But let's make it a challenge, shall we? 

How did me, the girls and the coach celebrate running our mile? We headed over to Carderock where we ran another 8 miles, the fasties a bit ahead of me, luckily coach George stayed behind to run my slower pace and keep me company.

Everything's coming together post vacation, just like I planned... ;)  Lawyers Have a Heart 10k is only 3 weeks away, hopefully tempo will show me some good signs tomorrow!  Happy Thursday everyone!

Mile Warriors:

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