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Three Things….. Monday?

Posted Jan 09 2012 2:51pm

Yes, the blog tradition is to do Three Things Thursday, but if I waited until Thursday to make this post I would have spontaneously combusted at least 15 times. In other words, I’m way too excited about some of the things going on in the little life of Charlotte. (That is growing bigger every day. Woooooooooo!)

1) I was tossing & turning in bed last night & decided to check my e-mail……. To my utter shock & surprise I received an E-mail from the notorious Kelly Olexa  (Founder & CEO Of FitFluential, Inc. ) that I have been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador!!! For those of you who don’t know what FitFluential is, I’m sure at the very least you’ve seen a tweet or million with the #FitFluential hash tag. But what exactly IS FitFluential? I’m still learning more and more about the concept every day, but the Readers Digest Version is this: “FitFluential is a nationwide network of fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline through multiple social media platforms.” Essentially, their goal is to connect Brands & People with people who can benefit from them most.

I was absolutely over the moon to receive this news. Not because I want tons of attention or anything like that, but because I was so sure there are so many bad asses out there who would out shine me & my blog. Also, because I am beyond HONORED to be included in a group of such inspirational, incredible individuals. So Kelly, Danielle, if you see this a big whole hearted THANK YOU. After all, my blog is entirely based on the theory “If you want something bad enough, you can achieve it” & this is more proof that it’s true! :D

2) I’m in the process of starting a “run club” nothing official, just a weekly group run in Owings Mills, MD. I moved here over the summer & have found SO many awesome run clubs…… 30+ minutes away. I’m a busy gal, & as much as I would love to trek downtown or to Timonium to join group runs every week, it’s just not always in the cards. Especially now that I’ve added a second job into the mix … & I know I’m not the only person in Owings Mills who wishes there were closer group runs. Especially since Stevenson University is RIGHT THERE & the Owings Mills campus doesn’t have a track (yet they have a track…team?) I see people running the brutal hills of OM all the time, alone.. I’ve learned that my lack of group runs is a problem in my training, you don’t really know where you’re at until you run with others, plus — Runners friggin rock! So of course I want to socialize with them while doing what we love! :D I owe a huge thank you to Ryan from Baltimore Running  for giving me some great insight on how to get the ball rolling & offering support along the way.

This is really exciting to me. I think the people of Owings Mills could really use something like this. I’ve checked out the idea of using the Irvine Nature Center as a place for runs… It’s an adorable little nature center in Owings Mills with trails & gorgeous scenery, I just need to speak with them to make sure they are okay with this. I don’t want to disturb the settings if they don’t want that kind of traffic. So, if YOU are anyone you know lives in or around Owings Mills and wants a group to run with, please hit me up or spread the word.

either Direct them here to my blog, to my Twitter ( @Char__Latte ) or have them e-mail me at (

3) My fiance & his bestie are in a music group called Notixx . They make Dubstep, which I realzie is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea (if I had a dollar for every time people said “only drug addicts listen to dubstep”, I’d be one rich non drug user!)  but HOLY SMOKES ARE THEY TALENTED & no I am not just saying this because I’m in love with one of them. They really are so dang talented. Anywho the point of this rambling is that on Friday they are launching their first ‘out of state’ tour. This is just the first of many to come! We will be traveling down to Orono, Maine so they can perform with some extremely big names in the EDM world. Next month they have a show in downtown Baltimore as well as in D.C…. My baby is goin’ places!

I’m so proud of how far we both have come in a year’s time. Last year, they were just starting out, putting on their first FUNDRAISING show because they didn’t think they could get enough people to pay to attend. Now, they have people ALL OVER THE WORLD begging them to come play a show in their home town…. Last year, I was pealing myself off the couch still recovering from major surgery begging my mental state to allow me to do something healthy. Now, I can’t stop moving even if I wanted to! :D

I’m so overwhelmed with happiness & appreciation that I just don’t know how to channel all of it. Hopefully, this helps!

What is your most recent proud moment?
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