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Three simple words...

Posted Apr 14 2011 7:25pm
Do Not Start?
Enjoy The Race?
Easy Does It?
Suck It Up?Get Some Rest?Sleep In Late?
Signs and symptoms:
  • Complete disregard for the need to sleep.
  • Forgetting to eat or drink, that is until your stomach gives off a loud rumble or you nearly pass out when you stand up.
  • Lack of concern regarding appearance (though I haven't resorted to stereotypical college kid uniform of  pajamas...yet)
  • Cranking out paper after paper after paper, I think I might have a callous on my butt from sitting in this office chair
  • Inability to distinguish right from left, up from down (just ask my fitness class, haha)
Cardio-pulmonary rehab anyone?
Resulting destruction left in my wake:
  • A house that looks like a paper-tornado spun  a few laps through
  • A laundry pile resembling Mt. Everest (probably a direct correlation with the "I could care less if it matches, just make sure it covers the important parts" symptom above)
  • Two crazy, crazy children.  You know how if you are near a horse, and the horse just KNOWS if he  makes you nervous are not? And if you aren't a horse person, if you are even just slightly uncomfortable in the presence of those giant beasts, the horse will egg you on, nip at your clothing  or nudge you with his big horsey head?  Trying to act cute, but inside probably thinking "heh heh, look at this human squirm!"  That's what my kids are doing.  OK, maybe not *quite* the same, but they seem to have this ability to know exactly when I'm getting ready to put a really good thought down on paper (well, computer screen) to say something like "*gasp* MOM! I need juice, NOW, I'm so THIRRRSSTTTYY, I just might DIEEEE!"  As soon as that apparent life-threatening situation is taken care of, and I sit down ready to get back to work, I am informed that the world just might end if we do not find the blue car with the yellow trim, NOT to be confused, by any means, with the blue car with white trim. 
Forget Animal House, I think someone needs to make a movie about the "non traditional" student. I guarantee you it would be just as house is crazier than a frat party.  Someone is always naked, asking for another drink, spilling something, barging in on you in the bathroom, talking WAY louder than necessary, throwing things from high up places to watch them fall, or wrestling. 

Despite all of this, I feel very accomplished lately.  There is always satisfaction in handing over a freshly printed paper, or in checking another item off of your "to do" list. 

However, one SERIOUS problem looms as I face the weekend: to TRI or not to TRI?

Let's  break it down
The bad: I've been sick, fever, stuffy nose, for a few days now.
The good: it's been a few days, so I've got to be on the mend, right?

The bad: I haven't run in, lets see, dailymile says I haven't run since my 8.5 miler....12 days ago.
The good: In one of my classes, we were given an assignment to lead the rest of the class in a 15 minute group fitness routine.  About 85% of the class chose to recreate P90-X, and thus, I've gotten my butt handed to me every Tuesday and Thursday for the last two weeks. (note to self: work on stronger core this summer).  And I've been teaching 5 fitness classes per week. So it's not like I'm inactive

The bad:  I've only put in one serious ride on my tri bike
The good:  I changed out the saddle for a more comfortable less painful one.

The bad:  I haven't been in the pool since, uhh, sometime in March. I'm 99.99% sure I put down an estimated swim time much faster than I'll be capable of this weekend, which means I'll have to step to the back of the line (staggered-start pool swim and all)
The good:..............................??

I'm exhausted, and quite honestly, not looking forward to this race.  And I love to race. LOVE is an understatement. If I had all the money in the world I'd race every weekend. Heck I'd make my own races and invite everyone to join for free.  So me, not looking forward to a race, is quite the statement.  It's  a really short sprint (300 yards in the pool, 11 miles on the bike, 3.1 mile run).  If I don't go, I'll probably kick myself.  And if I DO go, chances are pretty good that I'll be glad I did it once it's over.

Do I let the enduro-junkie get a fix or let the exhausted college student sleep in on a Sunday?

What to do, what to do....
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