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Thoughts on New Rules Of Lifting and Kara’s Running For Women!

Posted Aug 15 2011 7:00pm

HEY friends!! Had a good start to the week I hope? I had a nice relaxing rest day! I also yet again learned the oh-so-important lesson of STRETCHING after lifting!! I always stretch after runs now to help prevent injury, but usually forget with lifting! And MAN can I feel it today!! Smile with tongue out


New Rules Of Lifting For Women

Last week, I finished Stage 1 of the New Rules Of Lifting For Women program (you can read my thoughts on the book here), so as promised, here is an update!


Overall, I loved this program! It got me into a routine (well, broken up by vacations!) of doing strength training, and really worked me hard!



  • The program makes you log your workouts (you can print off logs from their site). I’ve never done this with lifting, but it’s great because you can see your progress and how you can improve.
  • It encourages good habits, such as drinking a protein shake within 15 mins of your workout and eating more!
  • It gives you results, and definitely makes you stronger!
  • This was just Stage 1! The workouts stretch out, so you’ve not finished everything in the book in 6 weeks. 6 months minimum.



  • I found there to be a lot more focus on leg muscles than anything else. As a runner, this is great, but not good for upcoming runs! My legs often felt very fatigued in later runs, even a day or two later. I didn’t there was enough on other muscle groups.
  • The program is for optimum muscle-building and fat-loss. It was not written for a distance runner, and that is made clear. The results I got would not be as good as someone who HADN’T done all the endurance stuff I have, and had stuck instead to weights and HIITs.
  • I think the workouts could’ve been longer. Especially in the first few weeks, where you only had to do each exercise twice, you ended up only doing about 20 mins of strength training, which I found to be too short. But as the weeks progressed and the sets increased, this no longer was an issue really.



  • I have seen the biggest difference in my leg muscles (understandably!), but all my muscles have gotten noticeably bigger/more defined.
  • I’ve seen HUGE strength increases (e.g doubled my squat weights by the end).
  • Leaner physique I think! Hard to tell just by looking obviously, but I think so!


The guys in the weights area are finally getting used to me too! They no longer look at me funny for carting round my dry shampoo everywhere in case of greasy hair emergencies Winking smile



Sorry guys, but I’ve had a progress pic fail! The ‘before’ ones are on my laptop which has gone to be repaired (I’m using my desktop right now!) so I can’t show them yet! In due time though Smile Also, would you like to see just arms, or legs etc as well? I only took ‘before’ ones of my arms, but if people are interested, I can do others for Stage 2 as well!


Kara Goucher’s Running For Women


I absolutely LOVE Running For Women !! Here are my top reasons why I love it so much:


  1. It is so PERSONAL! You can tell it’s written by her, unlike Paula Radcliffe’s book, which I found to be sort of ‘ghost-written’ and impersonal. Even though I didn’t ‘know’ Kara at the beginning or much about her, by the end I really did!
  2. Interesting sections! Kara shares these cute little ‘Dear Kara’ sections, which are where runners have written to her with questions. She also shares quotes that she loves (which I do too!) and ‘what works for me’ tips. Love.
  3. Great for ALL runners! This book is good for ANYONE, beginner or more advanced runner!
  4. Kara is so relatable! Kara’s a foodie. She loves lifting. She HAS A SWEET TOOTH and indulges it!! I think there’s this belief that elite runners can’t eat certain foods because they have to stay lean, but Kara sure blows that one out of the water! I love that she believes in moderation.
  5. Injury talk! There is a whole section on injuries, and I LOVE the things Kara has to say about it! This quote stuck with me:

“Always remember that running is something you do and you love, but not what defines you…remember that you are so much more than a person who likes to run.”

      6. It is clear that Kara LOVES and is truly passionate about running Smile


I REALLY recommend this to all runners and women thinking about taking up running! I am in love with Kara now, and I can’t WAIT to see her next year if WHEN she qualifies for the Olympic Marathon! Open-mouthed smile


Annnnnd because apparently I can’t go a post without posting at least one yummy food pic, here was breakfast:


Banana oatmeal with dark chocolate and vanilla puddings and a crunchy PB spoon…bliss!!


I actually have ANOTHER running book to talk about, but I don’t want to bore y’all to death! So I’ll talk about it another time, and stay tuned tomorrow for my What I…Wednesday (Tuesday!) post!! I am SERIOUSLY excited for tomorrow, cos it’s speedwork time!! First proper one since the injury eeeee!! I LOVE speedwork!! Open-mouthed smile


Have you read NROLFW? Do you follow a strength training routine? I am finding it hard to fit it in with my running at the moment, now I am *touchwood* no longer injured! I do want to keep it up though!


Do you have a favourite athlete? Paula Radcliffe is my love, but Kara Goucher is inching ever closer! I also love Shalane Flanagan for overcoming injury in the way she did with an amaaaazing comeback!


(Totally) Random Q: Do you prefer rolled oats, or steel-cut? I usually use rolled, but I saw some steel-cut in my health store today, and I’m thinking of getting it!


Hope you all have a GREAT week!! <3

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