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THITW Fundraiser--Continues

Posted Mar 28 2013 10:34am
Today's post will once again be about our Black Eyed Sally's fundraising event. Yes, I KNOW that it's taking me awhile to get through just one evenings events, but it really wasn't just a "one evening" thing. So much planning, work, fun, stress, and did I mention FUN--went into this event for weeks before the actual March 14th fundraiser! So many people helped me get to that day--Laurie Forcellina, Judy Lackey, Mary McManus, hubby Ray, Sundance Kidz, our Team Hole in the Wall family, and many more good folks!

If you happened to have read the Team Hole in the Wall blog post 
3 Questions and a Cabin Chat with Pam Robbins , then you know that a young woman named Amanda is one of the reasons that the Robbins family continues to work so hard to help raise awareness to  --and money for, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

THITW also did a 3 Questions and a Cabin Chat with Amanda Garbatini recently and this tells a little about this wonderful, strong, and beautiful young woman. Please take a moment and click on the link above to read the interview with Amanda.

Amanda very graciously agreed to come to our event and speak a bit about Camp and it meant so much to me to have her there!

As I said in the  3 Questions and a Cabin Chat  blog post--I met Amanda several years ago on a visit to Camp and I knew after talking to her for a very short time--that I would ALWAYS stay involved with this amazing Camp in some way! The video clip below is the one that I recognized Amanda from, the first day that I saw her at Camp. Please watch and you will KNOW how special this young woman is--and how special this Camp is. Amanda is a few minutes into the video, but the entire video is SOOO worth a few minutes of your time. In addition to the amazing Amanda--there is a young man and his family in the beginning of this clip that we have come to know, in fact--we saw Aaron's Mom and his brother at Camp on Sunday! Aaron was busy and couldn't make it--but he is about to graduate college and enter law school!! PLEASE WATCH!

Amanda Garbatini---YOU ROCK!!!

PS. We are SOOO close to reaching our goal of $10,000 and I truly feel in my heart that we can DO IT!! After hearing about this amazing Camp and how much it means to so many children and their families--won't you please consider making a donation ? Even $10 or $20 will make a difference! Thank You!

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