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THITW Fundraiser at Black Eyed Sally's-Part 1

Posted Mar 19 2013 12:31pm
I've been putting off writing about my big fundraising event for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp which was held on Thursday night at Black Eyed Sally's because I have been sick and on meds since Friday and not really sure that I was coherent enough to really do justice to the event! I was already feeling pretty bad on Tuesday, and by Thursday I was REALLY a mess! Both ears were hurting badly, my head felt like it was going to explode and my asthma was acting up SOO bad for the first time in awhile....Yep, great timing! I sincerely hope that I didn't look half as bad as I felt!

I think that I am now feeling human enough to start giving a somewhat accurate account of the awesome evening, but there were so many wonderful things that happened--SO MANY surprises and blessings, that I am planning to break this up into several blog posts for a couple of reasons....One, this is a lot for anyone to sit and read at one time---AND, I am still on enough meds that I am finding it difficult to focus for too long at one time and I don't want to leave anything out!

Late afternoon on Thursday, my great friend-- Laurie Forcellina and I went to BES to set up for the auction and raffle. Dara, one of the owner's of Black Eyed Sally's and a very sweet lady greeted us and told us right away that ANYTHING they could do to help out and make things go more smoothly for us--they were ready and willing to do! With the arrival of my sweet daughter, Alex, and Judy Lackey--a wonderful lady and "friend of Camp" and some advice and help from them--we managed to set everything up very nicely. We had a lot of great items for the event and several people worked REALLY hard putting them together, especially my good friend and fellow "gang member"---Mary McManus, whom I will talk more about later!

When we arrived at BES, my wonderful, husband ( drummer and band leader) Ray was already working hard, along with some of the band members and my little guy-- Conor, setting up the equipment and getting ready to rock!!

Before I write anymore, I would like to share a bit of the AMAZING--AWESOME--band--Sundance Kidz with you! These people are all so unbelievably talented--the only thing that comes close to being as big as their talents--are their hearts!!

Mary Hurley on lead vocals--Wonder

Rosanne Gowdy--Make You Feel My Love

Tom Kraynak--She's A Lady

And some people think Disco is Dead?!! FUN-FUN!!

These were just a small sample of the great songs of the evening!

More on the band and the evening to come---SOOO many surprises and wonderful moments---Let me just say for now---I AM BLESSED!!

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