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This weekend is Easter weekend. ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:54pm

This weekend is Easter weekend.  I'm sure that's not news to anyone.  A couple of the regulars I run with are not going to be available.  I'm not sure if anyone is going to be available actually so I changed the planned run to something by my house.  I think the last "long" run I did by myself was 13 miles in December as a training run for my January marathon.  I am not good at running by myself - mostly it's a motivation issue.

So...  in less than 48 hours I will be tackling some trails by myself.  16-18 miles worth of trails.  Quiet trails.  It's a big step for me on a couple levels.  First the motivation factor.  There are some "good" hills on this run and I tend to stink on hills when I run by myself (and often stink when I run with people!).  Also, last time I ran the 15 mile version of this run with our group I got heat exhaustion because I hadn't drank enough water during the week.  Blame that on my diet Pepsi addiction.  So that is another concern.  As are the predators.  Both human and feline.  Being daylight I'm a little less worried about both types of predators and to my knowledge there has never been a human-on-human attack in the area I am running in (or a lion attack for that matter).  After all, the the cities I live in and around are often on the list of the safest cities in America.

But still.  It is a big step.  I do need a long run.  My miles for April are supposed to be 35+ per week and that is not happening so far.  May is supposed to be 40+ per week so I need to get my miles moving.  If I can run 18 on Saturday and 7ish on Sunday I'll be around 31 for the week so I'll call it close enough. 

My 50K is now only about 11 weeks away.  Yikes!  I'll be running a lot of that "alone" since I have no one running it with me (my friends are doing the 25K that same day) and there are only 100 or so people who do run it.  Maybe I'll be able to hook up with someone else who is slow.  If not, then runs like this coming Saturday will be a good preparation for the 50K.  I'm bringing my ipod.  I know that's probably not safe on trails but I'll keep the volume down really low because this could very well be a 3.5 hour run - my longest since my Jan 8th marathon - and though the scenery is beautiful I may need some other "distractions" as the miles tick away.  Besides if a kitty-cat attacks me I can hurl my ipod shuffle at it like a missle.  I'm sure all .78 ounces of it will hurt so bad it will run off screaming in agony.

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