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This Seems Unreasonable

Posted Apr 28 2013 7:03pm
English: The western ramp and pylon of Brookly...

English: The western ramp and pylon of Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m thinking of joining a running club . This isn’t the first time–I had a brief flirtation with the Dashing Whippets a couple years ago, and I’m a member of Team LUNA Chix NYC Run (but we only meet from May-October)–and it probably won’t be the last. This go-round is brought to you by a running rut. It’s starting to feel like I’m just always in one. But that’s another story for another time. Anyway, while I was looking at some Brooklyn -based club possibilities, I came across this little gem , about increased security at races throughout the city:

PPTC’s very own Steve Lastoe, the founder and driving force behind  NYCRUNS , the organizer of the Verrazano Festival, urged runners not to bring bags to the races, if at all possible. Organizers are “reserving the right to search bags (and will search oversize [sic] bags) and throw unattended baggage into the river,” he said in an email interview. [emphasis mine]

I understand security concerns. I’m sure most people do. But I’m not sure how this qualifies as increased security…it sounds to me like it’s just littering. And as such, it’s unnecessary, damaging, lazy, and irresponsible.

Yes, unattended and unclaimed bags are a concern. (And technically any runner’s bag is going to count as unattended while they’re running the race, so I’m not sure if this means that bag check will just be on a big boat and that once the timer starts volunteers will just throwing things overboard or something.) But rivers aren’t your trashcan. And I don’t understand what justification anyone could have for just dumping a bunch of stuff into a river–the stuff doesn’t disappear once it flots out of sight. But I guess that once “race organizers” can no longer see it, they stop caring. I don’t think we need a floating garbage patch in any NYC-area river–we’ve got more than enough of them in other parts of the world already.

Is there really no better way of disposing of unclaimed baggage?

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