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Thinking of Buying a Treadmill?

Posted Oct 25 2009 11:06pm
Winter is quickly approaching and many of you may be contemplating buying a treadmill. Before you open that wallet, there are a few things to consider—What kind of treadmill do you need? Who will use it? How often will it be used? Do you have enough space in your house to store it?

A runner who is looking for a treadmill for inside running is looking at making quite an investment, so take your time and educate yourself on the various models. You definitely don't want pay $3000 on a treadmill when in fact a $1000 machine is just what you need? Or think you've found a bargain, only for it to break on you after a few uses.

There are various factors you have to consider when selecting a treadmill. For example, the size of the runner. A lighter runner may find that a machine with a less powerful motor will work just fine as well be a little cheaper. A heavier runner (or a family with various-sized runners) may need to look at models with more powerful motors and strong frames.

Belt length, cushion, elevation, speed—these are just a few things that may start to enter a prospective treadmill-buyer's mind. To help you answer these questions and become a more informed buyer, check out This site is dedicated to testing and reviewing treadmills. Not only does the site provide you with tips on how to select and buy the best treadmill to suite your needs, it also provides a host of treadmill workouts and exercises.
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