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Things- The December Edition

Posted Dec 15 2011 8:00pm
Thing that I started doing again!!!!
Thing I didn't wear when I ran because I really didn't feel like crying

Thing I probably looked like while running

Thing that I want to wear during my "comeback."
This would be a great Christmas present!

Thing that is encouraging me
Thing I still can't wear. 
This is really putting a damper on my life because, like all stay at home moms, I like to vacuum in heels and pearls. 
Thing that I like to listen to every ChristmasIt is my favorite Christmas song.  I know I should be embarrassed.... but I'm just not.
Thing that I am doing on TuesdayI will be driving to Austin, Texas to spend Christmas with my family.  At least at this time of year my face won't melt off when I step outside!!!
Thing I hope is taken care of or else I might be spending Christmas in jailI really did (or do??) have a warrant for my arrest in Texas.  You can read about the scandal here

Thing my hair will look like in Texas because of the humidityI don't know what is more sad: that my hair is going to look like his or that he looks WAY better in shorty shorts than I do.

Thing I can't wait to say when I am in Texas.  I love saying it and people just look at me funny when I say it here
Thing that my husband hit my broken big toe with last night Thing I almost punched him in when he opened the door right into my broken big toe Thing that I still haven't bought any of Thing I am because I haven't even started shopping
Thing I want for Christmas Okay, thing I actually want for Christmas
I am going to do a Olympic distance tri this year and I need to start swimming earlier....and I am a weenie so I need a good wetsuit.  Any recommendations??

Thing I just baked
Thing that I will be baking nextFrom the Brown Eyed Baker. Looks so good!

Thing I am desperately behind in readingI haven't been able to read any blogs this week!!!  I am so behind and I am going to try to catch up because I love reading about y'all.  Y'all are so much more interesting than me!  I told you I loved saying y'all.

Thing I haven't gotten any of:  Your awkward photos!!  I am going to push the contest back the 27th so people have more time to find photos!!  Don't forget to send them to me at  
What is on your Christmas list?
Favorite Christmas song?
Anyone else have a hard time keeping up with blog reading?
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