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Things I’m Thankful For

Posted Oct 21 2011 2:15pm

I was in a pretty pessimistic mood yesterday (I know you’re probably shocked considering I started with 3 bad things on yesterday’s post). So in an effort to circumvent that today, I’m going to focus on the things that I’m thankful for right now.

1. I’m thankful for blogging because it’s given me new friends:

- Even though Britt and I went to school together, we didn’t actually start hanging out (working out together = hanging out, right? Right.) until we started swapping blog comments. I ran my first double digit run with her and talk to her just about every day now.

- Melissa and I talk all the time now and would have never even met (“met” used loosely because we’ve actually never met… this is not weird at all) but now I consider her a good friend (that I only talk to via internet. nope not weird AT ALL)

- Jenny and I just did a running swap (more on that this weekend or Monday!) which resulted in me getting a delightful little package in the mail (and Jenny you should be getting yours soon!! you are just way faster than me at mailing things out)

- Heidi and I reconnected after several years

…and that’s just to name a few.

2. I’m thankful for getting the heck out of my comfort zone

- Nicole just wrote a fantastic post about thinking BIG . If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be training for a marathon I’d have laughed out loud at the thought. I hated running. And now it’s all I think about. Every day I’m continually working to push myself farther out of my comfort zone and I never was one to do stuff like that. As corny as it sounds, running has completely changed my life for the better.

3. I’m thankful for my sweet husband

- My dad has told me multiple times that he is so thrilled with Sean and I’s marriage, which makes me tear up with happiness just thinking about it.

- Sean really is the most supportive husband. He has continually encouraged me to be a better person and I’d like to think I do the same for him. We’re totes besties .

4. I am thankful that after several very long years my best friend is moving back home

- My best friend since kindergarten is a military wife and they have lived in Virginia for years now. In December they’re moving back home. And there is nothing that makes me happier than that.

Tell me something you’re thankful for.

And go give my girl some love she’s having a bad day today :(


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