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These Are a Few of My Favorite Teas Giveaway

Posted Apr 29 2011 9:37pm
In June my husband and I both have events coming up I am running the RnR San Diego Half Marathon and he is doing a 5x5 basketball tournament for the Western State Police & Fire Games , so we both came to an agreement that we needed to as he puts it "cut some weight" ideally we would both like to lose approx. 15 lbs. Which for my husband takes him lifting weight 2 days less a week and breathing pretty much. For me however it takes a little more work on top of actually doing my training plan, paying attention to what I eat (more fruits and veggies, less rice and pasta) it also include cutting out the 3 C's: Candy, Coffee and Coke (the soda not the drug, though I believe the two are closely related). I am not one of those people who can say I am just going to drink one soda today, 1 cup of coffee or the highly irrational 1/4 c serving of Almond M&M's and actually do it so I have to give 'em up all together, cold turkey.

So tea is my alternative I have four varieties I rotate between a BlackTea, which I pretend is coffee by adding about half the amount of creamer I would to my coffee. Lipton brisk tea when I want some real sugar, green tea that I use lemon and honey in and my new favorite tea a Organic Peppermint Tea my gym started carrying.

For this tea I measure out a little less that 1/3 cup of tea.

Place it in a mason jar and fill the mason jar about half way with hot water. Cover with the lid and steep overnight. Then in the morning strain it into a cup
I add about a teaspoon of honey and a dropper full of each of the Herb Pharm herbal extracts I am trying out Super Echinacea and an Athlete's Power Tonic (full review and a few giveaways coming soon, but you can click on the name to read more about the extract)

Fill it the rest of the way with ice and water and as I drink it I will just keep adding ice and water so it lasts me all day. The peppermint flavor in this tea make it pretty much unnecessary to add any sweetener but a little honey never hurt .

So does drinking tea make me not want soda or coffee yes and no yes because once I make my tea in the morning and fill my water bottle I usually fill it twice a day with water or GU Brew depending on my activities for the day.

I make a mental deal with myself that if I drink all three of those I will have a soda or cup of coffee but most days by the time I do get through all of that liquid it's the end of the day and I don't really feel the need to have a soda/coffee and no because some days I wake up knowing that I want a cup of coffee and usually at this point there is no changing my mind.

I am happy to report that since the husband and I have made this decision I am down 7lbs half way there with a month to go. :)

okay so now that I have done all that talking 'bout tea I have a giveaway..

I am going to give one I Run Because...I Can reader the chance to win some of my favorite teas and Herbal Extracts Up for Grabs:
1 Box Trader Joes Green Tea
1 Bag of Peppermint Tea
1 container of Chai Spice Black Tea Blend
1 bottle of Athlete's Power Tonic
1 bottle of Super Echinacea

To Enter do any of the following (leave a seperate comment for each)

-Become a follower or let me know you already are
-Let me know your favorite tea
-Link back to this giveaway on your blog

Open to U.S residents only. Contest will run until May 6th. Winner will be chosen randomly, announced in a blog post and emailed.

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