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The Yays and Nays of Outdoor Running

Posted Jan 12 2010 12:00am
The Happies
  • It's cheap exercise.
  • You get plenty of air outside, as opposed to a stuffy gym (and thus don't need to stop for water as much, if at all).
  • There's no lugging of a gym bag to work.
  • You can multi-task (like returning library books or dropping something in the mailbox) along the way.
  • You warm up fast, even when it's cold out. (Trust me on this one! Cold-weather races are the best.)
  • The fact that it's a lot easier to push yourself to do one more mile outside on the street than it is on a treadmill.
  • Even though you have to wear more clothes for winter runs, the running "outfits" are more fun (and you never get warm enough to have to peel off layers, unlike at the gym).

The Not-So-Happies:
  • Red traffic lights.
  • Cross-traffic bicyclists who think the lights don't apply to them.
  • Catcalls.
  • Pedestrians who can hear you coming up behind them but refuse to step aside. (A. This is New York. Stay in the right lane! B. What if I were a mugger about to jump you? Look over your shoulder!!)
  • Having to dodge herds of high school kids getting off the subway.
  • Drivers that speed up so fast while trying to park that you think they're "aiming" at you and might actually drive up over the curb.
  • Cars that are actually already parked on the sidewalk. (WTF?)

Anything I'm missing? I still say running outdoors wins. :)


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