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the Tri Gods might have planned this...

Posted Jan 09 2010 12:43pm
If the T.V. is on in our house, it is most likely on Nick jr. And if I've learned anything from this station, besides "don't bite your friends" and "never pet a strange dog", it's to always say thank you, and be appreciative of all that you have. So as to not disappoint Moose and Zee, I thought it was necessary to take a minute to say THANK YOU.

300+ followers. Wow. When I started this blog, less than a year ago, I wouldn't have believed it if I was told that thirty people wanted to read and follow my ramblings, never mind three hundred of you. If I could have motivated just one person with all of my "blah blah blah"ing about running, I would have been satisfied. But the comments and emails from all of you, well it's just overwhelming (in a good way!) Just so you know, you all motivate ME. I love reading your comments, posts, and stories as well. I apologize that I can't keep up with ALL of you as frequently (darn homework and such gets in the way of my blogging, haha), but know that I appreciate every single one of you. THANK YOU!

Now, back to my rambling.

I would like to publicly state, for the record, that the marathon training plan is written on crayola PAPER, but not in crayola crayon. Not to say that I wouldn't do it, but fitting all of that speed work in a tiny square is kind of hard with the not so fine point of a crayon.

But I'm glad the non crayon training plan doesn't start for a few more weeks, because my foot still hurts. One of the benefits of having a blog is that I can search the old posts to see just how long I've been whining about my ailments. We are coming up on one full month. It started right around the time I started running in the Newtons, and I can't help but wonder if they are partially to blame. Because the pain is located directly over these "actuator lugs" on the shoes. I have broken them in as I was instructed to, starting with short runs, and alternating with my old shoes. I really love the Newtons. But I think I might just have to put them aside for a few weeks to determine if they are, indeed, the culprit.

According to my self diagnosis, my sesamoid bones are the source of the pain (hey, I'm a poor college student, a elective MRI when I'm having no trouble walking around is probably going to cost me an arm and, well, my good leg.) And according to everything I've googled (I know, incredibly reliable information) sesamoid pain is a common overuse injury guessed it...distance runners.

So, much to my chagrin, I'm taking a week off from running. Maybe two. I'm very excited about this. So thrilled, really, that I spent the entirety of yesterday moping around like I had just lost my favorite pet. Uggh. But I'd hate to start what is planned to be a kick butt running year with a stress fracture, so better safe than sorry, I guess. Can you hear the dissapointment in my voice (or, i guess, fingers?)?

Thankfully, Monday I meet with the pool director to schedule my swimming lessons. No better way to dive into triathlon training than being forced into the pool! It is meant to be I tell ya! But in the meantime, I'd love to hear any suggestions from you seasoned pro's. This is my first ever "almost" running injury, and I'd like to make sure it doesn't get past the "almost" stage.

Happy running my friends. Run a few miles for me, will ya?

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