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The track, the road and running the human race

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:04pm
"It's because we have feelings and thought to battle one another that we are so complex. You wouldn't like being a sheep, but then again, if you were a sheep, you wouldn't know any different. And sheep can't do Ironman" - a good friend

It's been a challenging past 24 hours, emotionally. Physically, I've had a couple great workouts. Actually, I've had pretty great workouts all week.

That track work on Wednesday evening was a little more painful than I remember...

This also happened to be the evening that my high school track shorts decided to lose their elasticity. So, my mile repeats entailed run, run, run, pull up the shorts that are even double rolled at the waist. Pretty hilarious, actually. Man, I loved those shorts. Those are the shorts I ran my first (and only outside of IM) marathon in...along with a regular cotton t-shirt, the shorts that I ran so many miles in, shorts I q'ed for Boston in. But, i suppose it's time to retire them, considering they're over 12 years old...

After my mile repeats, I did some bounding drills, some high knees, some strides and then I sat and stretched. Exhausted.

Thursday morning was swim practice. And yes, Aaron wants to hurt me. We did 12x50, then 10x50 and then 12x100 on 1:25!! And then it was MASSAGE TIME!!! Thank God! That TT on Tues, then track work on Wed and two hard swims, weights...I was in need.

Them after work, on to a quick brick. I was also given caution by coach "If you at all feel tired, go home and SHUT it down! Remember, it's only been a couple weeks since IM". But I felt good. And I met a fellow rider...we chatted as we rode hills. Made the time go by. And then home for an easy 15 min t-run.

After some restless sleep and emational distress, I awoke this morning needing a run. I just needed to clear my head, wipe away some spider webs and get rid of the dust between my ears. I told myself I'd just go short and easy. But I felt good, so I opted for a 45 min run.

And I got home to find that Coach had sent me my workouts for the next three days... and guess what today was?? A 45 min run! It was dark and the city was quiet. And I was up early enough to go to the grocery before work as well!  So, tonight, i think i'll walk down to the bookstore and get a new copy of Triathlete for some weekend training motivation...

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