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The Sunday Review, or "my sweaty feet"

Posted Jan 10 2010 2:14pm
Hi. My name is Heather. It has been 96 hours since I had my last running fix.

*si gh*

So instead of whining and complain, (and mention how GREEN with ENVY I am over all of the Disney runners this weekend! Awesome Goofy medal! Congrats everyone!) I'm taking this opportunity to catch up on some much overdue reviews I have for you guys. Occasionally I am sent products from running companies to try out (you all know the deal), and the ones I like, I write about to share with the wonderful blog world. I almost always buy my products based on real-people reviews and recommendations, so I hope my reviews might help some of you.
So, anyone in the market for some socks? Here you go!

A combination of a thick sock and a thin sock, now there is a genius idea! Let's face it. NO ONE likes blisters. But all of the thicker socks claiming to help prevent blisters make my feet sweat. A lot. Running in soggy socks is nearly as obnoxious as blisters. The EXPERIA socks feature a nice, soft cushions right on the hot spots, where you need them...and a super thin THIN sock in all of the rest of the spots. All made with CoolMax fabric. The result? Cushioned, non sweaty, non blistered feet. Or, to put it more eloquently, they "eliminate all but the essential, resulting in protection without weight".

Which ever description you prefer, you need to check out these socks. I LOVE them. I'll even go out on a limb and say these are my favorite pair of socks I've ever run in. That's serious talk right there! I've washed and worn them probably 20 times in the last month, and they are still as soft as ever.

What Thorlos says about these socks: Designed for: High performance runners, cyclists, hikers and fitness walkers who prefer a minimal amount of foot protection. NOT Designed for: Active people with any distracting foot issues or long-time wearers of Thorlos thick or moderate cushioned products. Check out the website to learn more about the Experia, and if the socks are right for you.

Look at me, any takers for a size 9.5 foot model? haha!

Next up...

On my very white winter legs/feet to the right you will see the micro and the mini crew. Seriously, smartwool has every color/pattern/size/sock height/sport you can imagine. And as you can see from all the pilling on the white sock, I have washed and worn these socks A LOT in the past month!

Well these puppies got tested in the best of both worlds, freezing cold snowy trail run in New Hampshire, and sweaty treadmill run in the gym here in South Carolina.

What Smartwool says: The PhD series is Smartwool's "most comfortable and durable sport specific sock." They feature "WOW" technology (short for wool-on-wool), adding additional layers to protect the heel and forefoot against shock and abrasion, as well as the 4 degree fit system, which ensures they have a snug fit. Wool is antimicrobial and odor free, and is a naturally renewable source. And a for your full lesson on SmartWool, check out the WOOLOLOGY page.

So what did I think? 4 miles in the trails, they were AMAZING. My poor, not acclimatized to the cold weather toes would have frozen had it not been for the smartwool socks. And they have been a savior walking around my hardwood floors since the cold weather seemed to have followed me back to SC.

4 miles on the treadmill in SC...well let's just say it wasn't quite a sweaty blister fest, but I felt like it was headed in that direction. Smartwool says that wool is breathable and a natural temperature regulator, but honestly they were starting to irritate my feet.

So, for you northern, cold weather runners, I would absolutely recommend smartwool socks. For those of us battling the treadmill or crazy heat and humidity, I think these socks were a bit too much. (Smartwool does, however, offer an "ultra light" line that might be better suited for these situations).

Last but not least...Santa and his little helpers put this pair in my Christmas stocking (how fun, socks in a sock!) from The Sock Guy. There's no need for a review, nor a need to question who "The Sock Guy" is anyway. All that matters is the message:

Happy Running, my friends. May your feet stay dry and comfy!
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