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The Stinky Man and How I Angered The Sun

Posted Jul 28 2011 7:33am
Yesterday I got floated to another department, one I have been to several times now so I know the routine and luckily they weren't that busy.  It is a rehab type department in the clinic side.  The exam rooms are kind of small compared to what I am used to and are stuffy.  I went and got a patient yesterday and was "rooming" him for the doctor which was all good and fine except the man smelled so bad I had to leave the room before I was done putting all the info in the computer.  He was nice, funny, and didn't look like he should smell.  He seemed well groomed and the clothes looked clean, but gag me.  I felt really bad for him and really glad I didn't have to stay in there any longer than I did.  We couldn't go in the room for nearly an hour after he left.  Do stinky people not realize how stinky they are?  I know when I stink.  I can smell me.  It seriously was when of the worst people smells I have ever encountered and i have smelled a lot in my ten years of being an operating room nurse. 

I got off a little early so I decided to try to run as it felt  really nice out.  I put on my shoes and my gear and ran one mile and thought this isn't so bad, it isn't that bad, it's not that hot. I feel good I could do this all day.  Then I got to two miles and realized I had angered the sun by thinking that because suddenly I was so freaking HOT!  So I returned home, but made sure I did an even three miles.  I couldn't believe how sweaty I was.

And I was right it did get hotter while I was running! When I left it was only 77 and when I got back it was 85 degrees!  It felt good to get it in and my legs were feeling pretty good despite the heat I did it in 25 minutes and discovered that it would take me about 8 loops around my driveway to do one mile. 

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Happy Thursday it is off to work for me.  Kids last day of swim lessons YAY!  Sorry to be so lame and have no pictures today :(  I promise to do better tomorrow! 

Have you ever angered the sun?
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