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The smart thing to do isn't always the fun thing...

Posted Feb 13 2012 7:24pm
Remember the Twosome race that I was really excited to run yesterday? And remember the cold that I've been battling all week? You see where I'm going with this?

I spared you another attempt at a self-portrait of my sad face that secretly looks like an oompa-loompa face.

I decided not to race.

Seriously disappointing, especially since I've been working hard lately and I know I've been getting faster, so I was really excited to see my improvement. Plus this was a special race for me- the Twosome race was my first race I ever ran and was BIG step for me in recovering from the car accident .

But you have to listen to your body and do what's best for it sometimes. You have to know when to push through and when to let yourself rest.

What it came down to
1. For me, while this race was important for sentimental reasons, it's not a terribly important one in terms of my goals. The upcoming Half Marathon (12 days to go!!) is a BIG GOAL for me and I've been working for this for a long time. Sure I could have run yesterday.. but it was -5C out and I probably would have made my cold worse - and compromised my workouts over the next week.

2. I need to get healthy. I've been pretty unhealthy over the last month (first the flu, then 2 weeks of severe back spasms, now this pesky head cold). I need to take care of myself and focus on getting healthy right now.

Before yesterday's long run- I was excited about my outfit,
even if I was working out alone in a basement :P
3. Racing yesterday would have compromised my long run - which also happened to be my last scheduled long run before tapering for my half marathon. If I had followed my training plan closely over the past month, it wouldn't have been a big deal to miss a long run yesterday. But various health issues have disrupted my training over the last month, so getting in a good long run was important.

Just a little sweaty post-run!
4. Um, it really wasn't that nice out yesterday and it was COLD. Even though the snow started after the race, it would NOT have done good things for my cold. By running indoors I gave my body a break while still getting a 10 mile run in.

Snowstorm that came out of nowhere yesterday
Yesterday's run was still TOUGH. But that's a whole other beast. And I have a movie date with my most favourite man! Can you believe I've never seen this?

Do you run when you're sick? Where do you draw the line?

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