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The Shamrock Shuffle 5k and Roller Skating

Posted Mar 13 2011 12:00am
What a fun and exhausting day. I was on the go from 8am around 5pm doing the 5k race and then the birthday party. It actually was a great day all around but I am beat this evening. I guess my overall endurance is not quite there for such a long day yet.

The Shamrock Shuffle 5k race at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh was a lot of fun. Running with a handful of my co-workers made it even more fun compared to running solo like I primarily do. UW Oshkosh is a nice campus that I had not seen before today. It was windy and cold this morning but with all of the winter gear I had on it didn’t matter. Once I was moving I actually got hot. Maybe next time one less layer. I had some CWX tights on under my Brooks running pants. I guess I didn’t have the tights tied properly and they keep sliding down on me. I finally gave up and just let them get lower and lower on my hips. Thank goodness I had the other pants on! The race itself seemed longer than most. For some of us, maybe it was the wind. We actually thought that the distance was wrong and it was somewhere around 3.5 miles. At the 2 mile mark my Garmin said we were at 2.37 miles. At the end I would have sworn that the watch said 3.6 miles. But when I uploaded the data it was exactly the 3.1 as it should have been. I tried to run/walk the course. I ended up walking more than I wanted. I went into the race shooting for around a 13 mile average. With just a few weeks training and running on the treadmill more slowly than that I knew it would be a stretch to make. Considering the amount of walking that I did I still averaged 13:24 I think for the race. Overall I came in at 40:24, a minute and a half lower than I hoped for. I think if I would have run at least once or twice more I would have done it easily. But in the end I am pleased that I was at least in the ballpark for the 13 minute average. I’m looking to at least do 13 mins in a month at the next 5k. But may even push myself to hot 12 minute miles if possible.

I was using a lot of new gear for the race.

I know it is not the best thing to do
at a race, but due to the weather it was a necessity. The Brooks pants, CW-X tights, new Underarmor socks, Garmin 405 watch and the Brooks Nightlife jacket were all new gear. Many had been gifts that I had not gotten to use yet. The Garmin 405 watch probably gave me the most problems just trying to get it to work and trying to learn to read it. It did take me a little getting use to but finally got the hang of it. The clothing all worked as advertised an I was very comfortable during the whole race. The only time I was cold was standing around at the starting line waiting for the race to begin.

I literally got home from the race, through the tights off and jumped in the minivan to go to the birthday party for one of my son’s classmates. I spent the afternoon with him and the rest of the family roller skating. It took a while to get my legs after at least 30 years of not having skates on. But I did pretty well. The family as a whole really enjoyed it. My son wanted, no needed to do it by himself after a while and wanted to at least do a few laps around the rink without falling down. He made and was very proud of himself. My daughter was the same way and was off on her own just skating away. Sounds like we will be doing a lot more skating in the future. I think my legs were more tired from skating that the race. I forgot how heavy these are.
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