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The S. Red Family Day at the Zoo ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am

The S. Red Family Day at the Zoo

Mr. Sensationally had the day off from work today, so I rearranged my work schedule to take the family up to the Cleveland Zoo. Finally, we picked a decent day for a family excursion--blue skies and manageable humidity levels due to the storms that came through our parts yesterday. My son is a zoo aficionado--he can't remember his multiplication tables to save his ass, but he can knows that hippos can hold their breathe for five minutes, can differentiate the distinctions between emus and ostriches. He sucks up these weird animal facts from God knows where, so I feel like I've got my own junior Steve Erwin to narrate a guided tour for me through the zoo. He doesn't even think that dangling spider monkey penises are funny. I couldn't help but notice that some spider monkey penises are small and some are well-endowed. Aww...the great variation of primate diversity!

Now, I thought going to the zoo on a Wednesday would translate to a leisurely unencumbered stroll through the zoo grounds, but this was not the case. It was packed to the gills with roving bands of color-coordinated t-shirt day camp kids. Actually, I didn't mind them since they were polite and about my son's age--12. What's worse are the double wide strollers. I have effectively blocked out my stroller pushing days, but get occasional flashbacks; I don't think the zoo could be more crowded on a weekend.
In all likelihood, families have been watching the forecast, waiting for the first sub 85 degree low humidity day to descend on the zoo. I'm an animal lover, just like my son, so I've encouraged his keeping of various lower life forms ranging from tadpoles named Barlow-Farlow to Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, but I personally get a kick out of looking at the fantastic botanical displays at the zoo. One of my "simple life" career fantasies is to be a groundskeeper for the Cleveland Zoo.

We walked all over that place. I wondered why the heck my feet hurt worse walking a few paltry miles around the zoo than if I had run quadruple the distance. It just doesn't make sense. The hands down favorite section of the zoo is the primate/aquarium at the top of the hill.
Here's a picture that warmed my heart. Two lemurs grooming each other. When people look at primates they usually see human characteristics, yet spy an evening at home with the S. Red family and you will spy primate qualities in the human mother grooming her children. I'm one of those people that like to sit on the couch with my kids and play with their hair. I examine their skin. I'm a hopelessly touchy-feely nit-picker. It drives Mr. Sensationally bananas, but he's given up on breaking me of my grooming instincts. I just can't help it!

How do you like the pictures. I'm working hard on getting to know my new camera. It was a fun day!
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