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The Runner's Body Final Review

Posted Jul 09 2010 4:41am
The Runner's Body - Part 1, The Musculoskeletal System

The Runner's Body - Part 2, The Cardiorespiratory System

The Runner's Body - Part 3, The Metabolic System

The Runner's Body - Part 4, The Central Nervous System

The Runner's Body - Part 5, The Immune System

Overall, I thought the book was great. Very informative and at an appropriate level. The information was not too easy nor was it too scientific. The book covered a variety of topics that you don't often find when reading other books about running. It offered solutions on how to become a better runner and how to take care of your body and prevent future injuries.

I learned a lot from reading this book! Some of the more interesting things I learned
*"...perhaps the answers to improved performance lie not in the heart and lungs but the muscles and tendons."

*Too much fluid is dangerous for our health and dehydration is not as big of a problem that the media makes it out to be. Drinking when you are thirsty is adequate.

*You can teach your body to burn more fat through training. A heavier reliance on fat means less reliance on blood glucose which = delayed fatigue and improved running performance.

*The Runner's Low exists, just as the Runner's High does and is at least in part attributed to over training.

*"Repeated physical exertion makes our brains generally better able to learn, function, and adapt by stimulating the growth of new cells, increasing the brain's fuel efficiency, and stimulating other changes that are very much like the exercise induced changes we are familiar with in other organs, such as the muscles."

*Running treats mental illness so effectively because depression is actually associated with atrophy in the pre-frontal cortex and hippocampus due to brain cell death. Exercise has the ability to stimulate new brain cell growth while, anti-depressants have only a limited capacity to grow new cells.

*If you become more economical at faster speeds, your economy will improve at slower speeds.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in how to be a better runner or just has an interest in the body mechanics of running. If you get the chance, check it out!
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