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the run that wasn't...and then was.

Posted Sep 28 2011 8:44pm
Hi loves!   Happy Wednesday.    Hope you're surviving the week.  I have a baby cold that I'm nursing, but it seems to have gotten better throughout the day.   I had plans to run with  Erika  and  Megan  after work today, followed by a slurpee date.   It was gloomy all day and wouldn't you know, it started pouring rain as soon as we met in hines.  It was a cold rain too, so we opted NOT to run. 

We still wanted those slurpees though (when don't I want one?)   We felt bad because we passed numerous runners on our way there, but it was worth it not to be soaked to the bone.   I'm not against rain running, but when it's cold too, it's not so wonderful.

We got our slurpees (even Julia got a baby one) and headed back to Megan's to sit around and gossip.   We got to see the nursery and play with Baxter Cat.   Julia especially liked her:
trying to entice the kitty to play

checking up on the kitty
"Baxterrrr, I have your ball"
We had a good ol time talking about really important topics like politics, the financial crisis...oh wait, no not that.  Never that.   More like blogs, races, and how Megan wants to do a half ironman someday.   She tried to convince me we should all do one, but I'm not a swimmer.  At all.  Especially not at the distance for a half ironman.   I told them I was totally on board if they wanted to do a duathalon though, especially since RunnerBro and I already said we want to do one next year.
Good times were had, even if we didn't get a run in.   
Megan and Erika
Me and Erika
me and Megan
Not only was it a good time, but I also got two new cds courtesy of Megan to put on my ipod for my half marathon.  The band is Matt & Kim and they're a fun, poppy upbeat band that is perfect running music.  Randomly we found out we both love em and she was nice enough to share.  Thanks, Megan!  (And thanks Erika for purchasing our slurpees, since we are lame and didn't have cash).

When I got home, it was dry and Ryan had ran a 5k, (in 26:47, a PR for him.  Yay!)  so I knew I needed to get a quick one in.  I headed out and just did the quick loop around the block.   I ended up doing 2.20 miles in 19:10.   Nothing too exciting about it, but it felt good to get out there, rather than feel like a bump on a log, since I took a rest day yesterday.   
I'm off to watch the Wednesday lineup and get some rest, hoping this cold doesn't escalate!
-Did you run today?  How'd it go?
-What's a fun new band/singer you've discovered recently?
-How was your wednesday?  Do anything fun?
-random question of the day (unrelated to anything in the post, but just for fun): if your life was a tv show, which one (current or past) most resembles your life?   If any of you watch the Middle, my brother (nonrunnerbro) tells me constantly that I was Sue Heck growing up.   The interactions between the kids in the family totally reminds me of me and my brothers when we were growing up, I'll give him that.   I like to believe I wasn't that dorky, but let's be honest.  I was.   


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