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the run that almost wasn't + saturday morning breakfast dates with friends

Posted Sep 24 2011 4:47pm
I was a bad runner, almost.   But, first let's backtrack to last night.   Ryan and I had a date to the tigers game and it was amazing.   We had awesome seats (thanks to me picking them and buying them).   I was ALSO a bad blogger and forgot my better lens though, so I didn't get the stellar shots I was hoping for.  I still got some good ones though
no real significance, just like the sign

Ry before the game
me before the game
we were seeing my "boyfriend" rick porcello pitch, so I had to wear my shirt for him you're welcome rick ;)
I wanted to get a good shot of him, but I didn't get an amazing one: first pitch!
the team running out to the field
I got a kick out of the person who say "take me out to the ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch....ROBOBCOP! (have you guys seen that movie?  From 80s)
see him singing on the screen?  
It was a nail-biter of a game, as they were tied and had to go into extra innings...but, the tigers won!  
team huddle to celebrate the win!
Overall, excellent night, but it left us getting home late and it took me forever to get to sleep.  I was supposed to run with runnerbro and sis at 7:30 and when I woke up, I was seriously debating not going. I texted bro and he said, "i'll see you in 20".   I forced myself outta bed and went up there, begrudgingly and cursing him in my head the whole way.   
I had no idea what I'd be able to do today, but I *wanted* to do 12.   We all set out and I actually felt really good.  It started off coooollllddd (50ish) this morning and I wore my lulu zipup over my tee again. Next sunday's race is hilly, so I opted to do every hill possible, starting with the haggerty hill.   I felt good and kept a nice, manageable pace around the 9:10-9:25 range.   Running Fit was having a 20 mile training run today and we actually ended up running into it.   It was motivating to see droves and droves of other people running.   I even saw my daily mile bud and slurpee loving twin, Mary Beth.   We waved and I trekked on.   I took a honey stinger at mile 6 and turned around.   
It was started to get warm and I was cursing myself for not bringing my handheld water bottle.  I passed a water station for the running fit group right around my 7 mile mark and they tried to hand me some.   "Oh, I'm not with the group," I told them.   They said it was okay and I graciously took it.   I took another honey stinger shortly after and continued on, finding any hill on the path I could.   I was going good, feeling great until right before I hit mile 10.   I hit the haggerty hill again and I was so hot in my zipup, even with it pulled up.   I walked for part of it, then ran as soon I as descended down it.

I went on and felt great until the last big hill and walked a little bit of that too.   I felt hot and semi-dehydrated because of it.   I pulled myself together and forced myself to give it all I had for last little bit.   Finally, the car was in sight and I raced towards it.   I ended up doing 12 in 1:53:49 or a 9:25 pace.  I would absolutely take it.   I never felt too tired, just hot and not properly hydrated at the end.   PLEASE don't let me wear long sleeves next week unless it's freeeeezzzzing.    I'll inevitably get too hot and it'll slow me down.   Unfortunately, Runnerbro had to get to work, so I missed them and didn't get a pic with them.   They sent one to me though
 RunnerSis did 9 miles and Bro did 12 also.  
I think I'll be as ready as I'll ever be.  I'm still leery of doing sub-2, but it feels like it's in my grasp again.  I just pray my calf cooperates.    
After, I raced home to shower, as we had breakfast plans at my friend, Cheryl's.   You may remember she helped us make a feast last time we saw her and it was no different this time.
mixing, mixing, mixing
um, hi, yum.
important things like syrup and homemade maple syrup
Ryan's ready to eat!
cheryl gets so fancy with her oranges :)
Everything was amazing and we ate entirely way too much
Then, we had fun just hanging out.   i'm a cheesball.  I know.
Cheryl also gave us cooking lessons and we tried eggplant for the first time.  The verdict?  YUM!  Especially with garlic cloves baked in.
cheryl and I
she has a pear tree in her backyard and she let us take some home with us: ryan got to work picking the pears
yes, we kind of match.   We didn't plan it intentionally.

Overall, a fun fun day thus far.   I also took a quick nap because I'm a 3 month old and require them daily.    Now we're off to celebrate Ryan's dad's birthday!

-Did you do a long run or race today or will you be doing one tomorrow?  How did it go?
-What's a new food you've tried recently that you love?
-What'd you do last night/today?  Anything fun?
-Do you grow any fruits or veggies in your yard?  What?  I wish I could, but I would kill them, I'm sure.


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