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The Robbins' Are Flying South!!

Posted Jul 25 2013 5:02pm
I have to run dressed like this?
Wow--Being a born and raised Atlanta gal, you would think it would be easier for me to say that after 10 years of living in CT--we are headed back South!! Okay--there--I've said it, "WE ARE MOVING TO ATLANTA!"----or-----South Carolina!?!

As some of you know, my husband Ray was laid off from his job at The Hartford and has been looking...AND LOOKING for another job in the area, without any success. He has sent out so many resumes and talked to so many people....but is still, as of today...unemployed!

After checking into a job possibility in the Atlanta area and then finding out that this particular job was not meant to be-- we decided that the smart thing for us to do, was to make the move to Atlanta anyway!

We have family and friends in the Atlanta area that we really miss and to be honest---we just can't afford to stay in CT any longer without a job!

We decided to talk to my brother and sister-in-law about moving into their house in Lawrenceville, GA while Ray looks for work there. They graciously agreed right away to open their home to us, so we will be moving to Lawrenceville, GA by the end of August! UNLESS--we move to Greenville, SC!?

Here's the thing--Ray has an interview today for a position in Greenville, SC and if that works out, we will head to Greenville--if not, we will be going to GA!

Like I said, we have so many friends and family members in Atlanta (and also Greenville, SC) that we are so looking forward to being with again--HOWEVER, after 10 years in CT, we have so many friends that we will be so very sad to say goodbye to.

Laurie Forcellina, Al Roker and ME! More half marathon NYC! LAURIE--I'm gonna MISS you!! Oh, and Al isn't really a CLOSE friend--we just ran into him at the start of the race!!

We need to make this move very soon, because we have a 12 year old to get settled into school. Of course, we also have Alex who will be starting college in a couple of weeks and we have to get her settled at Gordon College in MA before we leave! I cannot BEGIN to tell you how freaked out I am about leaving my sweet daughter here and going South without her...and yet, I know she will be fine! We will also be leaving our son Nick who lives very close to Gordon College, so he and Alex can sort of look out for each other!

SOOO much to do and so many hard "goodbyes" before we are ready to head South! Our church families and....just SO many people.

I KNOW that God has a plan for us and I guess His plan involves a bit of heat and humidity! It's going to be tough getting used to running in the South again, but I WILL continue to run....we WILL be okay and we WILL be back to visit our friends here in CT!

One of the hardest things for Ray and I both will be the fact that we won't be able to visit one of our favorite places in the world so often---Yep, you guessed it--The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp! We are going to miss our wonderful friends from Camp and Team Hole in the Wall so very much!

We will also miss the wonderful, amazingly talented people who make up the awesome band--Sundance Kidz! SOOOOO hard to leave them ALL! They have been such a source of fun, support, friendship and sometimes SANITY for us and they have done so much to help me in my fundraising efforts for Camp--I just hope they KNOW how much they have meant to me, as well as to Ray! OMG---I am going to miss SUNDANCE KIDZ--and their families!!

Gonna miss so much about New England, but I am still looking forward to new adventures in The South!!

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