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The Road to Avoiding Carcass...

Posted May 07 2009 9:24pm
I must admit I am a bit of a vegetarian cliché. I picked up a random chick book called Skinny Bitch, and 2 days later gave up the carne asada. A lot of people ask me how I could give up meat, which is arguably the center of most American meals? I thought it would be hard too, but it just wasn’t. After reading about the filthy and inhumane ways animals make it from the factory to my plate, I lost all joy in chomping on other creature’s extremities. When I am tempted by a chicken mcnugget, I just picture a nasty fat chicken with its legs crippled by its unnatural weight. Beak sheared off, feathers sticky and putrid with drippings from the birds above it, thrown whole into a grinder and oozing out the other side as a “nugget.” If you are interested in learning more about the filth and cruelty of meat eating you should check out You can also read Slaughterhouse by Gail A. Eisnitz, and I dare you to ever look at steak the same way again…

So once I had been educated I made the decision to not eat any form of meat. I no longer cook with eggs or milk, but love cheese with a passion. I never said I was perfect! Having NF2, there is of course always a catch. If you learn one thing here let it be that NF2 has a way of affecting every outlet of life. When you do not eat meat you rely on soy to get most of your protein. Soy however acts as nature’s estrogen, the isoflavones in the soy connect with estrogen receptors in the body the same way the hormone itself would. Meningiomas, one of the most common tumors that result from NF2, grow when fed by estrogen. There is recent anecdotal evidence that consuming large amounts of soy could in fact contribute to tumor growth, both meningiomas and breast cancer. I have discussed this with several different doctors. My neurologist immediately asked me, “Did you read Skinny Bitch?” HA! He is obviously up to date on the most pertinent medical information… actually he has a health conscious wife who roped him into going vegetarian after reading the book too! His advice was to eat meat, I told him that was simply not a possibility anymore. We compromised… I take whey protein everyday now, which is an animal product, and only eat soy in minimal amounts. I hate the idea that I am ingesting whey daily, but if it’s me or the cow, the cow is going down! Another doctor let me know I would have to ingest massive amounts of soy to trigger estrogen reception. What it comes down to is that there is simply not enough research on the soy issue to make a definitive decision. When I eat soy there may or may not be a risk involved. When I ingest meat I know for a fact my body is bombarded by hormones, steroids, and poisons. The answer seems simple enough for me!

***I feel compelled to note I am not a doctor and cannot speak for anyone else on the issues of diet, nutrition or soy. These are the decisions I have come to for myself after reading and speaking to my own doctors. I encourage others to research for themselves as well***
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