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The Road..IS..Travelled

Posted Jan 15 2013 10:32am
As of the writing of this post, I have now completed 3 months of training on the road towards the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run. Those who have been following along, know that it started on October 16th with a weigh in of 173+ pounds and coming off of a long and deep, 3 month rest of little to no running. As per the normal with goals that I make, I took the bull by the horns. Not only announcing my running in the 2013 Vermont 100, but daring to challenge myself to break 24 hours for the fourth time and set a personal best.
I am happy to report, 3 full months in to training, that I am more on track at this point then I ever thought I'd be. My average pace is now down closer to 9:00 minute miles than it has been since 2009. Within the last few weeks, the scale has read 163; a total weight loss of around 12 pounds since my October 1st weight of 175. I'm 8 pounds away from my goal of 155 lbs with 6 months to race day. I've run more quality miles in the last 3 months then I can remember doing in some time. I have followed my training plan almost to a "T", putting in those back to back long runs and finishing all of my scheduled Fat Ass Runs. I cannot even begin to tell you how motivated I am, poised, and excited at the opportunity to run another Vermont 100.

I've decided to NOT run the San Juan Solstice this year, but to stay truly focused on my training in June. I'll run The Golden Gate Dirty 30 on the 1st of June and the North Fork 50K on the 29th. June, will be a book ended month that offers fine tuning and the start of a quality taper. Not the prospect of sliding into my taper haggard, tired, and wondering how I'm going to do this thing.

I've spent the last week in Florida. Putting in my regularly scheduled runs even while on vacation. Continuing to eat right with Green Smoothies for Breakfast and/or lunch. My weekend long run was had in 85 degree heat and 70% humidity. It was nostalgic running in the heat and humidity. While moving miles in Withlacoochee State Forest, I was instantly reminiscent of the Vermont 100 thanks to the deep mold and mildew smells present in humid environments. What's more, is that I realized how much I LOVE running in the heat and humidity even after living in the arid climate of Colorado for nearly 2 years. It's been a great test, one which I also feel.. I've passed.

My streakers competition this year has welcomed nearly 30 runners to the task of running at least 2 miles a day, every day, through the month of January. I am also pleased to announce that after 15 days, we've only lost 2 of them. Given the brutally cold temps and conditions much of these runners have experienced this winter; their dedication to training has only inspired me further to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. I am humbled that they've all decided to join and are all taking it seriously. Such a great group, and I thank them.

Human Potential Races
In my next post I'll be talking about Race Directing again.. but from a light different than what most of you readers are used to finding here on Human Potential. I want to introduce you to a new website I've put together to not only host my Fat Ass events, but also to host my upcoming official races. Yes.. I'm going to become a race director. So here is the site:

I'm telling you about this now because the Application Process for the 1st Annual Niwot's Challenge is now OPEN. It's a Barkley Style event complete with books, bushwhacking, and tons of elevation. There are quite a few run-able miles as well. You can check out the event and find information on how to apply here:

Lastly.. many of you know that I moved to Colorado to work as a professional guide and to do team building with a company in the Denver/Boulder area. I labeled this job, a few times on this blog, as my dream job. Unfortunately, my time with this company has come to an abrupt end and not in the way I had hoped. Some of you saw insight into this via my post a few weeks ago titled (Why I'm An Epic Failure) which was also removed a few hours after it's posting. The details are not important here, I'm now unemployed. If you're a curious type, I'd be happy to share with you the hostilities I endured which ultimately brought me to the decision to move on. We live in a time where any of us who have work, consider ourselves lucky. It's always easier to find work when you have work. You'll all also agree with me that being a disappointed employee who continues to look for work, while continuing to their job, is NOT a crime. Regardless, I discovered that my Dream Job, was nothing more than a dream. Ever forward.
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