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The Perfect Pre-Marathon Weekend

Posted Sep 18 2011 5:24pm

After yesterday’s race (and subsequent brunch), I returned to my apartment for a disappointingly cold shower and then very quickly morphed into Psycho Freakout Mode.

See? Clearly not stable.

Yes, Psycho Freakout Mode is an actual clinical condition. I know because I just diagnosed myself with it.

Had I typed my symptoms — headache, feelings of panic, spontaneous mini-crying — into WebMD, I’m pretty sure those little web doctors would have diagnosed me with SARS or pregnancy or my personal favorite, “contact with Anthrax.”

So we’ll stick with Psycho. Yesterday I was a bit of a psycho.

I had purposely planned my weekend so that I wouldn’t have many plans. With Race Day (yes, capitalized because it’s a formal affair, obviously) just a week away, I wanted this weekend to be mostly free for errand-running, last-minute list-making and relaxing.

I, however, am the type of person who needs plans in order to function. A day of “relaxing” doesn’t really work for me.

So when my Handsome Friend suggested I come over and “hang out,” I couldn’t take it.

I wanted to know exactly what we were going to do and for how long and, if possible, I wanted some information with which to make a list.

Best girlfriend ever?

Nope. Not really.

Luckily we are still dating today. I apologized last night…many times.

So after demanding that we “run errands” — which meant going to Best Buy to purchase Season 1 of “Modern Family” — I finally learned how to chill out. My stomach was hurting like a beast and I knew that unnecessary stress — admittedly brought on by myself — wasn’t going to help me too much.

So we watched an entire disc of the show, which wow, is hilarious, and eventually fell asleep around 10:30.

Party animals for sure.

My stomach has been feeling not so great this weekend, and as much as I would have liked to sleep in a bit this morning, I woke up around 7:something in some not-too-pleasant pain.

When that subsided, I headed out for my Coach Cane-prescribed 3-mile jog.

Yes, jog.

It was slow. That’s what Coach wanted.

It was a perfect morning: shiny sun, happy people, perky Central Park and a Tracy -in-her-Sweat-shirt sighting.

This is a crooked picture of the Reservoir. If you're thinking I should be a professional photographer, you are very correct.

The Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk was happening, so I watched for a bit and clapped and teared up every friggin’ time I saw someone with a “survivor” label. That stuff makes me sob.

Yay!!! Loved this.

I ran mostly on the Bridle Path today, which was nice and shady.

This is the Bridle Path. It's more exciting when I'm running on it with the Sweat Squad.

The run was uneventful and I wrapped it up with some tricep dips (100 of those bad boys) on a bench at Engineer’s Gate.

Something I love doing: reading the dedication plates on the benches. I found a good one today!


Next time you’re in Central Park, check out the benches everywhere. The little engraved name plates are cute and most of them are really romantic.

In other news, I looked down at my feet as I tricep dipped and realized I never removed my D-Tag after yesterday’s race.

These are my shoes. They are Brooks Adrenalines. I love them.

I used to keep my D-Tags on forever after races. I don’t do that anymore.

I got my run out of the way early and then spent the rest of my morning being productive.

That meant another cold shower (seriously, WTF apartment?), foam rolling, doing dishes, sending emails and making lists.

Then it was time to relax!

That boyfriend I mentioned earlier suggested going downtown to check out the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, so that’s exactly what we did.

We started our journey in Union Square, where I hit up Lululemon and finally bought my Race Day top.

Then we walked south, eventually hitting Washington Square Park, where I did some dancing.

You can't see my legs, but they are doing a flawless split leap. Just imagine it. It's happening.

Yes, I took dance lessons for 18 years. I think it shows.

The San Gennaro Festival, which I went to last year as well, was intense.

Not crowded at all.

Lots of people. Lots of fried food. Lots of people waddling around.

We also went to the Burton store, and I got really excited about ski season being just a few weeks…OK, maybe months…away.

Someone please loan me several hundred dollars so I can purchase this outfit. Thank you.

Now I’m back home, wearing pajamas and a huge sweatshirt and I’m ready to finally watch Spirit of the Marathon.

Or more “Modern Family.”

Or both.

This weekend was an ideal mix between fun, relaxation and productivity. And the weather was perfect the entire time.

Hamptons Marathon, are you getting ready for me? Because I’m coming for you in a few days, and I’m planning to crush you. So watch your back.

I’D LOVE TO KNOW: How was your weekend?

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