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The Part-time Runner's Disappointments

Posted Dec 01 2012 6:27pm
I was supposed to run in the Rock Canyon Half Marathon here in Pueblo, Colorado this morning. Unfortunately, when I was looking for my bib number online last night my name was not on the list! I remember submitting the form online with the plan to give it a couple days for my app and payment to process. Apparently I got busy and never went back to double check until the night before the race.  When I pulled up the registration list I found that my name was missing! I was beyond devastated. I sent Michael a teary text and angrily searched through my bank account and all my credit cards looking for the charge. Michael responded in his unwaveringly, cool headed way and reminded me that I could still go run in the morning. Registration for the race was closed, so that was out but I could go out for my own race.

This morning I got up and laced up my shoes for the first time in 3 weeks! My run today was not my best run ever. My legs, lungs, and endurance were all a little weak from my time off causing me to struggle through 9 of the 12 miles I ran today. To be exact by distance was 11.65 miles and it took me 2:52:04. Before I started this 11:65 mile run/walk I took my dog Frank for a mile walk. Today was a beautiful day for a run. The weather was a clear 60-65 degrees with a breeze at the beginning. My nose did run the entire time leaving my Kleenex soaked by the end of the run. Gross, but true.

When I go for my long runs I always do an out and back run to ensure that I don't quite early. This time on my way back to the house I decided to cross the 4th Street bridge and walk up to Court Street instead of going down to Union Avenue from the Arkansas River Trail. Let me tell you, I am once again reminded of why I cut 4th street from my route! It is a horrible, noisy, smelly road with too many cars! I prefer going down to Main Street or Union Avenue which leads me through some pretty streets with shop owners that care about their store front. The 4th street bridge is nice but any variation to get from the 4th Street  Bridge and Court is ugly and not worth it.

While my decrease in speed and ability is a discouraging set back, it is what comes with being a being a part-time runner. What matters to me most is that I got out there and went the distance. My muscles scream at me that I have done something active today. Something that remained in my thoughts as I walked sorely back to the house was that I was sedentary for only 3 seeks because of my sickness and then some major school assignments that took over my free time. Only 3 weeks! 3 weeks was all it took for my body to resort back to disliking a nice long run. This encourages me to keep my legs moving to matter what it takes. Even if I can only make it out the door for a walk around the block or the park with Frank, I need to keep my legs moving!

Wherever your fitness level is, keep going. Keep pushing yourself. It is just you and the road. Anyone can do it you just have to get up off the couch and start.

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