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"The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.”

Posted Mar 14 2011 8:09pm
I've got a fever...and the only prescription is more cowbell marathons. Seriously. This marathon maniac thing was a fun little quest to start, but these people have the hamster on the wheel in my brain cranking out a gazillion miles day dreaming of only being able to do a fraction of what my fellow maniacs do.

I really wish I could figure out a way to make a living by traveling to different races across the country. I know, I know, who DOESN'T wish that? I've narrowed it down to believe that most people who have these opportunities are either speedy fast runners who have this tendency to WIN races, or former Olympians who once were super speedy fast runners winning races. And quite frankly, elite-super-fast-winning-races status is out of my reach (unless you want to count local 5k's with 200 or less runners, in that case, I've got some bragging rights, haha) That's not me being a negative Nelly, just a realist. Olympic speed is not written on my chromosomes. Besides, I'd hate think of being forced to skip a good photo op during a marathon for fear of losing a few seconds of time. Where is the fun in that? (clearly, that is my middle-of-the-pack status speaking, haha. I'm sure winning is equally as kick butt)

Alas, because I'm highly doubtful I could ever convince anyone to sponsor my "mom vs. 50+ states worth of marathons" quest (pshhh no idea why, I think it would make for one heck of an interesting documentary. Don't tell me there's no audience demand for changing a diaper at the side of a start line corral just moments before the gun goes off, or skipping right over the post race massage for a post race toddler wrangling session. Relaxing recovery is overrated, I'll take mine active!) I will be sponsoring my dreams on my own. One state at a time

Very slowly.

Which is fine by me, really, don't take that as a "woe is me, where's my winning lottery ticket?" type of statement. In light of all of the disheartening news we are faced with everyday: tsunami and earthquakes in Japan, tornadoes, floods, and mudslides in the U.S., hateful crimes against innocent people, unemployment, cancer, so on and so can bet your bippy I count my blessing every single day that I have the freedom, the health, the finances, and the support to run period. Even if I never set foot at another starting line again, I'm one lucky girl.

But everyone has dreams and aspirations, and one of mine, is to run a marathon in all 50 states plus Washington D.C. by the time I turn 50. Trivial and downright silly to some, uber cool and quite the accomplishment to others. Heck, I'm far from the only one...there is not one but TWO different clubs for those who have and are trying to accomplish this feat.

I've got 5 states down, 46 to go, and 20 years, 11 months, and 2.5 weeks to do the rest. Round that up to 21 years, and that means I've got to run 2.3 marathons a year from here on out. The two I've run in 2011 don't count towards this year, since I just aged up :)

When I was growing up, my parents "hobby" was collecting antiques. Many, many weekends, they would load my little sister and I (and sometimes all three of us) into the car, and we would take off across the countryside of New England scouting out antique shops in tiny rural towns. We'd visit train museums and old railroad stations (my parents, particularly my Dad's other hobby). There were times I rolled my eyes at these family car trips, sure. But in one of those "you'll appreciate this when you are older" moments, I now realize I saw so many places and learned so many things through my parents hobby.

Call me crazy, but I hope my 50 states quest will prove to do the same for my boys when they get older. And for my own benefit, there is nothing like running a city to REALLY see all of the details, all of the things you would miss driving in a car. Believe me, I could tell you a thing or two about Baltimore I learned during THAT marathon, haha!

And so for fun, when I've got a little free time after the kids are in bed (or I'm procrastinating from homework and/or housework), when I've exhausted myself on facebook and run out of things to tweet about, I get lost in and daydream of the races I hope to one day run.

Here's my "wish list" so far

•Arkansas - Little Rock Marathon - for the huge medal, of course
•California - Big Sur International Marathon
•District of Columbia - Marine Corps Marathon - done! 10/07
•Florida - Disney World Marathon - done! 01/08
•Maine - Mount Desert Island Marathon - we vacationed here as kids, beautiful....
•Maryland - Baltimore Martahon - done- 2009
•Massachusetts - Boston Marathon . And I'd like to qualify for my entry....
•Minnesota - North Country Trail Marathon - on the schedule, August 2011
•Mississippi - Tupelo Marathon
•New Hampshire Clarence DeMar Marathon (because my parents live there. Free room and board!)
•New Jersey
•New Mexico
•New York - New York City Marathon (of course!)
•North Carolina - done (twice!) Umstead Trail Marathon and Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 (just the 26.2 for me!)
•North Dakota
•Ohio - Flying Pig marathon - I covet a piggy tail medal
•Oregon - Eugene Marathon - finishing on Hayward field = priceless!
•Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Marathon
•Rhode Island
•South Carolina Myrtle Beach Marathon -done!- 02/11
•South Dakota
•Texas the Texas Marathon - again, hysterical and HUGE medal (see a theme here?)
•Vermont - Vermont City Marathon - I made it to Burlington, but not to the start, ankle injury:(
•West Virginia - Hatfield & McCoy Reunion Family Marathon
•Wisconsin - Wisconsin Marathon - I want that cheese medal!

Help me fill in the blanks! Have any suggestions for MUST DO marathons in any of the empty states? I'd love to hear. Any other 50 staters or 50 stater wanna bes out there? Tell me I'm not totally insane (just slightly crazy) for having this "to do" list, hahaha....
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