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The Non-Tempo Tempo-Run

Posted Jul 20 2012 8:13am

Thanks so much for all of your support for Nancy from my last post ! She really is that awesome, and now you all know! :)

On a completely different topic, I would love advice from all of you! I woke up Wednesday with a 40 minute tempo run on my schedule. Easy enough – I’ve done tempo runs so many times before. For some reason, Wednesday was different. I could not get my legs to move. My stride felt shortened and my breathing felt far more labored than usual. I was absolutely dying about 2 mile into this workout. Don’t get me wrong, I know tempo runs are supposed to be challenging, but this was not normal. I felt like there was no way I was going to finish this workout!

Each mile, I checked my Garmin to see whether or not I was working hard enough to hit my desired pace – I was shooting for 7:20′s-7:30′s. No such luck. I struggled to even get to 7:50. And I mean out-of-breath struggle. And that was only for a single mile! I ended up completing the workout, but nowhere near the tempo pace I needed. It was more so a goal pace run.

So why am I telling you all of this? I want to know what you would do in this situation. Would you have finished the workout, and have been glad you got in the mileage, and not have been concerned with the pace? Or would you have thrown in the towel on any kind of pace, and just turned it into an easy run?

I seriously contemplated making it an easy run after about the first 15 minutes, but then for some reason I decided to keep going. I am not one to quit something – not ever! I guess in my mind, by stopping the tempo (even thought it really wasn’t), I thought I was quitting. Silly – yes. True in my head – yes as well.

On a completely different note, the Brooks fairy paid me a little visit yesterday! And by paid me a visit, I mean I bought shoes online and they were delivered ;) Brooks introduced the new Glycerin 10′s, and it just so happened to be time for a new pair of shoes! I can’t wait to try them out this weekend and compare them to the 8′s and the 9′s – which I love!

I need your advice! Would you have knocked out the tempo or kept going?!

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