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The most innovative joggler breaks a world record

Posted May 23 2013 10:18am

Joe Salter has got to be the most innovative joggler in the world.  He first impressed me with all the tricks he did while joggling.  I’ve been joggling a lot longer than him, but it never really occurred to me to combine joggling with siteswaps and other interesting joggling patterns.  I always focused on the standard cascade.  Not Joe.

Then he figured out the how to do a triathlon juggling each leg.  I had the idea to do it and made some lame attempts at trying to swim and juggle simultaneously, but Joe actually did it.  He proves what I always tell people when it comes to ideas and innovation…

“Ideas aren’t worth anything.  It’s what you do with the ideas that matter.”

Joe certainly knows how to take an idea to completion.  Here is his latest innovation.  Backwards joggling.  Now, I’ve done backwards joggling (even in a race) but never the whole distance and not for very long.  But Joe took it to the next level by breaking the world record for backwards joggling a mile.  Check out this video of the attempt.

Congratulations Joe!

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