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The Most Important Day of the Year

Posted Nov 19 2012 8:15am

We are going to get serious here for a minute because I have something really important to talk to you guys about: Black Friday.

Now when I say I love Black Friday, I mean I really love Black Friday.  As far as I’m concerned, Thanksgiving is just Black Friday Eve.

Growing up, my mom and I always went Black Friday shopping together and we pretty much bought all our Christmas presents on this magical day.  We had the best time spending ALL DAY going from store to store checking out (and buying) all the deals. While I may not be going home for Thanksgiving, (stupid traveling) I have to hold up the tradition of Black Friday shopping for my Ma (or myself).

To explain to you just how much I looooveee Black Friday…..

  • I put money aside from each paycheck into a separate bank account labeled BLACK FRIDAY (starting in January) so I have lots to spend when the day finally arrives.
  • I literally do all my Christmas shopping on this glorious day- I do not come home until I’ve completely gotten everything I set out for.
  • Whatever money I don’t spend on Christmas presents (once I’ve bought everything I intended to) I spend on myself.
  • I go to bed super early on Thanksgiving so I can be up, alert and ready to go around 3:30 AM.

I’m getting excited just typing this post-you have no idea.  To say I love buying Christmas presents is a huge understatement.  I’m going to toot my own horn here and tell you I’m really good at buying gifts for people. I put in a lot of thought and effort into what I’m going to buy each person and try to purchase something they would really like and/or need which makes BF(Black Friday) super fun for me.

For those of you not as crazy as myself- here are the stores you definitely NEED to check out on BF because they have such awesome deals:

  • Kohl’s- This is the only day I ever go to this store.  Kohl’s basically gives stuff away on BF.
  • Macy’s- Always my first stop because I do 75% of my Christmas shopping here.  Great deals and amazing coupons.
  • Old Navy- They basically give stuff away too.

Stores to skip?

  • Nordstrom Rack- Last year their big thing was a coupon for 40% off one item-um hello that’s not BF worthy.
  • Tj Maxx/ Marshalls- They never have BF deals because everything is already on sale.  The lines are always crazy crowded so I typically skip these stores all together on BF.
  • Banana Republic- I still don’t get how Old Navy has such awesome deals and Banana Republic will have something like 20% off full priced items. Again, not BF worthy.

My list is made, my routes mapped out and all my weight -lifting is sure to come in handy when I’m grabbing stuff out of other people’s hands.

I’m ready.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

Do you do Black Friday?

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