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The Most Beautiful Run of My Life

Posted Apr 25 2013 9:28am

I had to make a post about my run in Vancouver it’s very own post. I can honestly say, I’ve never been on a run quite that beautiful.  I love running on the Chicago Lakefront, but man it doesn’t even compare to running the Vancouver seawall. My horrible phone pictures do not even begin to do the view justice.


First meet Paul, my Vancouver running partner.  Paul is a very interesting person and I very much like his approach to running. Paul has a marathon next weekend and his longest run has been 8 miles but he’s not concerned at all. I love that. Needless to say, he was a blast to run with and kept me cracking up the entire time.


We didn’t realize the Sun Run (Vancouver’s largest 10K with 40,000 people) would block our passage to the path so we ended up just joining the run for about a half mile until we reached the path and left the race.  So I can sorta say I ran in it right?  We veered off into Stanley Park which was so beautiful. We ran through redwoods and I was almost speechless at this point (which is rare, trust me).


About a mile or so in, we left Stanley Park and made our way onto the seawall. Words cannot express how absolutely breathtaking this was. I had no idea that it would be quite that incredible. I forced Paul to stop a few times so I could snap some pictures.


We got off the path around 4.5 miles and ended up BACK in the Sun Run.  Paul was thirsty so he grabbed a water from the aid station and then proceeded to find 20 dollars that had fallen out of someone’s pocket.  We asked around a bit and nobody knew who’s money it was so  Paul just held it out, the rest of the run.  I can’t even tell you how hard I laughed at all of this…I mean this is what happened:

  • We crashed Vancouver’s largest race-twice.
  • We took water from the race’s aide station.
  • We took 20 dollars from someone.


After cracking up for a good 5 minutes that all this happened, we decided to call it quits around 5.6 miles.  Our plan was to give the 20 dollars to a homeless person on the way back to the cafe to meet PartyDog and Paul’s wife Lisa but we didn’t see any….and we were starving so instead we used it for breakfast. Running to food always wins in my book.


My ankle miraculously did not hurt at all! I think Vancouver has some sort of magical air that prevented my ankle from hurting. I haven’t run that far without pain in SO long.  It felt absolutely amazing.  I can say  however, that the one reason I’m happy I don’t live in Vancouver is I would have major running envy. I’m fairly certain if I lived there I would not be at peace with my busted ankle and not being able to run on that gorgeous seawall daily. So thank you Vancouver and Paul for this fantastic run I will remember the rest of my LYFE.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

PS. I demand that everyone wish Paul good luck in his marathon!

Tell me about your favorite run ever!

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