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The mind dreams things the body can't always keep up with

Posted Sep 08 2012 2:02pm
I decided to call it a month.

 I am not going to be doing my most favorite race the Montana half marathon or going to Denver on the 22nd for the Rock and Roll half marathon. 

Not running a local 10k today.  Time to back off on the training, concentrate on my physical therapy and let my body have some rest.

I have been struggling with lateral hip pain since late March on the left side and since early July on the right side.  Recovering from a marathon took way longer than I ever would have guessed and I didn't give my body a break after Hood to Coast like I should have.

So as hard as it was to decide to skip racing in September I think in the long run it will be the best decision.   I am tired of the lateral hip pain and now my hammy is mad at me.  I think there is a message with the hammy getting mad now... time for a slower pace!

So.. for the next month I am going to bike, use my elliptical, do my physical therapy, and only do slow easy runs.  No long runs, no speed work, no hill workouts, no intervals.

I am hoping by October to feel
stronghealthyno more hip pain!  I think if the hamstring issue had not come up I probably would have kept going even though the hips hurt most of the time.  I don't know why it can be so hard to listen to the body.  The mind dreams things the body can't always keep up with I guess. This is making me rethink my strategy for next year the things I want to do.  That I think will have to be another post though. Do you listen to your body right away or do you try to ignore it if it seems minor?
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