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The Hotlegs Runner's Ultimate Favorite Things

Posted Jan 08 2011 12:49am
Happy Monday everyone!  I am watching Oprah's Ultimate Favorite things as I type this scheduled post. Ok, before you jump up and down, please know that I am not giving away any of the stuff mentioned here. I know... BOO!  But I do promise you that I will, if and when I win the lottery.  LOL!  But wait, some of the stuff here I actually gave away before already.  And some, I will give away soon.  So, stay tuned!

Anyway, here are my ultimate favorite running gear...

 1. My Garmin Forerunner 305 - I'm a data freak!

2. My CW-X Stabilyx Tights - ultimate leg and back support.
3. KT Tape - my best-friend...
3. My RoadID - Better safe than sorry.
4. Mizuno Nirvana 5 - these helped my overpronation. I actually won this pair at an expo.
5.  Fuel Belt - Afraid to go thristy.

6. Livestrong Band - I wear this 24/7.
7. Nike Visor - This is a actually a golf visor but I use it all the time.
8. GU Roctane - I LOVE this! Makes me speedy!

9. Body Glide - I don't like to chafe.  Who does?

10. Lululemon Speed Shorts - Just coz it makes my legs look long. Right?... RIIIGHT?? Please say yes! Oh ok...nevermind! :p

What's your favorite piece of running gear?
30 Days of Thanks (Day 22)
I am thankful for my future sisters-in-law.  I have 3: an astounding artist, a big-hearted teacher, and a bada** tennis player with whom I am very close to.  They are my sisters at heart! We have soooo much fun together and I love them dearly!   I don't think a lot of people can say that about their sisters-in-law.  Yes, I am truly blessed to have them in my life.


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